Romantic Easter Ideas

entitled Easter Morning, is by Caspar David Friedrich, a German romantic painter who died in 1840.

Easter is the most significant holiday on the Christian calendar. Without Easter there would be no Gospel message. Christ came to save sinners, and since marriage is when two sinners said, “I Do,” it is the most important date on the Christian marriage calendar as well. Why not celebrate it in a meaningful, and yes, even romantic way?

  • Make your wife her very own Easter Basket. Make it special by including all the little things you know she loves–Coffee shop – nail salon or massage gift cards; A day to call her own; New lingerie; Her favorite candy; A copy of her favorite author’s newest release; new earrings or any jewelry for that matter. You get the idea. Hide her basket and tell her the Easter bunny came with a very special delivery just for her.
  • Share communion together on Good Friday after the kids are in bed.
  • Wash your wife’s feet. Explain to her your love for her and all the ways you appreciate her sacrificial love for you and your children.
  • Plan an evening to watch The Passion of ChristBen Hur or War Room together.
  • Go to an Easter Sunrise service together, or wake up early and have your own in your backyard. Then enjoy a breakfast out before church begins.

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