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Our Emotional Roller Coaster

I hate roller coasters. They throw off your equilibrium and make you have to regain footing once you’re back on solid ground. Not to mention the unexpected twists, turns and drops along the way. I’d rather not take part, thank … Continue reading

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Vintage Post – Rainy Date Ideas

Since we are having so much rain on the east coast this summer, I figured it’s a good time to inspire some creative date nights. The following was originally posted on May 28, 2009. The rainy season is upon us, … Continue reading

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Not This Time

Change. We change clothes daily. We change our schedules to meet demands. We change our attitudes when it’s hurting others. Change can be easy if it’s something we want to do. But not all change is easy. I have found … Continue reading

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Five Friday Favorites – Turning 60, Off To A Good Start

On Wednesday I awoke with the realization that time passes so quickly. How did I get to 60? I don’t feel 60 most days, but recently I feel older than that. I have been fighting an ongoing health issue–not serious, … Continue reading

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Time To Stop Listening, And Start Talking Loud And Clear

The title may seem backwards, but it’s not. I’m not talking about listening to others. I’m talking about how often we listen to our own thoughts and allow them to inform our mood for the day. Instead, we should speak … Continue reading

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Living Our Marriage Backwards

Our church just finished a series studying the book of Ecclesiastes. It has been a sobering and encouraging endeavor. I have learned much in the process. I am grateful for a church where God’s Word is cherished–all 66 books of … Continue reading

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Five Friday Favorites – Lovin’ Summer Dates

“Summer lovin’ had me a blast Summer lovin’ went by so fast.” These are paraphrased lyrics from a popular song in the musical, Grease. And it’s the inspiration for today’s Friday Favorites. The lazy days of Summer go by fast, … Continue reading

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The Best Thing You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Better Right Now

How is your marriage? Are you experiencing what we call a high-high? Or a low-low? Maybe you find your marriage somewhere in between. Wherever your marriage currently lies, the best thing you can do has nothing to do with the … Continue reading

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Five Friday Favorites – Difficult Topics in Marriage

So often in marriage the way the enemy works against us it to make us uncomfortable talking about important topics. The only way to counter this attack is to do the difficult thing and talk about them. We are privileged … Continue reading

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Giving God Full Creative Access

Imagine an artist gifted in painting realism who has an accident in the studio. Paint is splashed all over the canvas ruining the piece as they had planned. But is it ruined or just different? Abstract paintings are as beautiful … Continue reading

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The Need For Fresh Air

Whenever we come to our mountain cabin the first thing we notice is the fresh air. It is sweet and promotes a sense of peace. Add to it a newly mowed landscape and the air is intoxicating. We all need fresh … Continue reading

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