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Thirsty For Romance

Romance is the skill of communicating your commitment to, love for and enjoyment of your spouse in ways that convince him or her of the priority of your marriage. Romantic Tip: Do something unexpected and kind for your spouse, and … Continue reading

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Uncovering 5 Practices Detrimental To Marriage: Suspicion

This is part two of our five part series on uncovering the practices or habits that are detrimental to marriage. Today we’ll expose another practice you may or may not be aware of in your own marriage. Suspicion Seventy-five years … Continue reading

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Thirsty For Romance

We want to start a new segment on Thursdays we are calling,  “Thirsty For Romance” Imagine someone giving you a refreshing drink on a hot, summer day. We enjoy it. It feels good, and it invigorates us. Romance provides the … Continue reading

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Uncovering 5 Practices Detrimental To Marriage: The Question Behind The Question

Stop signs are there for our protection and the safety of those around us. They help us know when to stop, think, observe, then proceed with caution. Can you imagine a world without STOP signs? Where everyone can proceed full-speed-ahead … Continue reading

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Dissecting The Romantic Umbrella

We are members of The Christian Marriage Bloggers Association, and this month we have been challenged to write a post based on this beautiful photo by Kate Aldrich Photography of the One Flesh Marriage blog. When I saw this photo … Continue reading

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The Secret To Deepening Your Relationship

It’s something with which most couples start off, but slowly over time neglect to the hurt of their relationship. Reclaiming this one practice is a secret to deepening your relationship and reclaiming what you’ve lost. What is this secret? Expressing … Continue reading

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