Study Your Spouse


Studying often connotes pressure, exams and academic demands to perform.  This is not that kind of study.  What I’m talking about is the most satisfying and rewarding type of study – that of knowing the one with whom you’ve been joined together as one flesh.

How well do you know your spouse?  Of course you know the basics, but have you taken the time to memorize their likes, dislikes, preferences or favorites? Here is a helpful quiz to test your current knowledge of your spouse’s favorites along with a scale to rate your results.  Don’t be discouraged if you scored low…this is a lifelong quest.

In addition, C.J. Mahaney offers an excellent message for husbands on Cultivating Romance in Your Marriage.  Sadly, many husbands leave the romantic responsibilities to their wives to initiate and plan, but as men we must lead.  This is our chance to take the reins of romance and lead our wives into a more intimate and enjoyable relationship.

Let the studying begin…

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