State Of Our Marriage

We have shared with you the excellent daily e-mail devotional titled, “Moments Together for Couples”, by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.  As the year draws to a close they provide some excellent thoughts in today’s reading:

Rebuilding the WallsNehemiah 1:3,4
“The wall of Jerusalem is broken down.” When I heard these words, I sat down and wept and mourned for days; and I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven.

What can we do about the state of our nation and our homes? Of course we can see that our own homes resist the drift toward ruin. We can also do as Nehemiah did. He wept, fasted and prayed-for four months!Then he acted. After months of prayer, he had a plan that was etched on his heart and mind by the hand of God. Nehemiah saw the walls of Jerusalem rebuilt in 55 days. Even his enemies stood in disbelief at the achievement. God intervened and brought order, cooperation, and action out of what had been chaos for nearly 90 years.

America today is much like Jerusalem was then. Our nation’s primary wall of defense-the family-lies in ruin and desperately needs rebuilding. As in Nehemiah’s time, the task before us needs God’s intervention as never before. We need to pray that:

  • Christian marriages and families will exemplify the love of God to a perishing world.
  • We in the church will have wisdom and courage in standing against divorce and the impact it is having on our families, while having compassion and love for those who suffer its devastation.
  • Our children will marry wisely.
  • The legacy we leave our children will not be one of materialism and spiritual apathy, but of caring concern for a world that needs to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • God will bring the resources (money, talent, leadership, technology and manpower) to all who are striving to strengthen families.Let’s pray for the state of the union by praying for the state of the marriage union: God, come and rebuild the wall. Come and repair all the broken pieces of our families today. Confuse our enemies, O Lord, and weaken their influence for evil! May Your favor be upon our families.
  • Prayer:

    Spend some time tonight in prayer with your mate. Go through the prayer needs listed above. Pray that Jesus Christ will be Lord first in your own home, then in every Christian home, to the glory of God.

    Discuss: In what areas does your family need rebuilding?

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