Summer Sizzlin’ Date Ideas

When the heat is on, our dates can be challenging.  We love spending time outdoors, but when the mercury climbs over 90 degrees it certainly puts a damper on those plans.  This is why we’ve come up with a list of Summer Sizzlin’ Date Ideas:

1.  Squirt Gun Challenge. Make two T-Shirts using fabric markers or paints that have several circles with different point values.  Stand outside, 10 ft. apart and each take turns shooting at the others targets.  Keep score…and who knows the loser just might be the winner!  We guarantee the husbands will have more fun seeing where they hit or miss!  This is a cool game that adds heat of a different kind!

2.  Take a cold shower together.

3.  Go out for Ice Cream or share a Banana Split.

4.  Visit a water park together for the afternoon or entire day! Or have a water balloon fight.

5.  Watch a Winter Movie like:  Dr. Zhivago, White Christmas, Happy Feet, Cool Runnings..(can you think of others to add to the list?  Let us know by commenting!)

6.  Go to the beach and build a sand castle together. Afterward jump in the water with your knight in shining armor!  Land locked?  Go to the nearest lake or springs!   If you can’t make it to the waterfront, HERE are directions for making a sand castle at home you can keep.

7.  Take a walk in the rain with an umbrella.

8.  Pack a cold picnic. Think of cold salads, fruit, and desserts – even drinks that are sure to cool you off.  As an added refreshment – pack a hand towel in ice water.  Take it out and wrap it around your spouse’s neck.

9.  Rooftop Date. Have you ever viewed the sky from the top of your roof?  Why not plan an evening, literally “Under The Stars”.  To introduce your date idea, send your spouse this You Tube video of Carole King’s, Up On The Roof.

10.  Go Skinny Dipping. We realize this can only happen in a place where you feel safe, but with a little planning you could make this happen.  It’s a sure way to cool off and heat up at the same time!  The best kind of Summer Sizzlin’ Date!

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7 Responses to Summer Sizzlin’ Date Ideas

  1. Fortunately, my hubbie likes chick flicks, so we have several sweet ones to pop into the DVD on demand. My favorites are the Christmas ones all year long.
    I love the squirt gun challenge. That one sounds like not only fun for a couple but also could work for whole family gatherings.
    Thanks again, Debi, for a delightful post.


  2. Eric - BHF says:

    Great Ideas! I always appreciate more date ideas. Being that I am in Seattle the walk in the rain idea is very doable!

    I once read about date idea of walking in the rain WITHOUT an umbrella, then taking a warm shower together! ….i’m going to have to try that!


  3. Love these great ideas Debi and Tom!

    The rooftop date sounds like fun, but the water gun fight is a close second!



  4. Tracy says:

    Favorite winter movie of all time…It’s a Wonderful Life!!

    I don’t remember how I happened upon your blog, but I love visiting everyday. We are celebrating our 29th anniversary on Sunday, and it’s fun to discover new ideas on keeping it fresh!!


    • Debi Walter says:

      I love this movie!! Thanks for suggesting it, and we’re so glad you found us! Congratulations on 29 years too!!! That’s quite an accomplishment in this day and age. God bless…


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