Finding Joy

Yesterday our blogging friend, Sarah Markley, with The Best Days of My Life blog suggested a December challenge.  It’s to look for 100 Joys in the next 31 days.  You have to read her blog to get the full effect of her heart behind this worthy challenge.

We have been focused this past month on gratefulness as a family.  It has been an uplifting time of encouragement to our children and their spouses in their faith.  There is so much good we often overlook, only because the “wrongs” we see seem to scream louder for our attention.  It’s only when we purpose to silence the negatives and highlight the positives that we succeed in finding JOY.   God is constantly sending springboards of joy to lighten  our load, but too often we miss it.

Have you ever noticed a child doing something really adorable in a store only to see the parent completely unaware of what was happening.  They are caught up in the “to-do’s” of life, and they miss special moments with which God intends to bless their day with joy. Well, this month we want to notice those moments.  We will keep a running list on our Facebook page and each and every Friday in December we’ll post the list.  The goal is to reach at least 100 before the first stroke of midnight New Year’s Eve.

I have an amazing sense that this search for Joy is going to work for good in my life.  God is good and everything He does is good.  I’m just not always paying attention.

So, are you up for the challenge?  If you are, simply comment to this post, and then each Friday list your “Joys” as a comment.  Let’s spur one another on to a Christmas season that glorifies Jesus – the reason we celebrate, and not our endless list of things we have to do!

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3 Responses to Finding Joy

  1. Barbara says:

    What a wonderful faith and life affirming thing to do! Perfect for the season and year round!


  2. Chrissy says:

    What a wonderful idea! I am excited to participate!


  3. Sharon O says:

    sounds wonderful.


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