A Fragrant Aroma: 100 Joys – Week 1

100 Joys!  We shared with you the excellent idea Sarah Markley came up with for the month of December.  Rather than allow ourselves to get caught up with the hustle and bustle, we’re purposing to look for the joy God sends our way everyday in ordinary moments; things we would otherwise miss if we’re not paying attention.

We have been enJOYing so many simple moments, and today we’re sharing with you what we’ve seen so far!  Take time to comment on this post sharing with us your list of 100 Joys.

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  1. Advent Calendars – esp. homemade ones for those I love. The simple act of opening one door a day sets in motion a sense of hopeful anticipation for the day we celebrate Christ – what JOY!
  2. Wind Chimes. (Debi)  Hearing the bells softly ring on this cool, breezy morning reminds me of Tom’s love – he bought these for me for this purpose.
  3. Joy to the World. (Tom)  Hearing this song on the radio is the only reason there is any joy in the world!
  4. Homemade Soup. Grateful for the variety of food God has blessed us with. (Debi)
  5. Unexpected kiss from my husband as he passed by me working on the computer. (Debi)
  6. Cold weather when it’s Christmas time. (Tom and Debi)
  7. Bodies that don’t hurt and aren’t sick. (Tom)
  8. Conversations that go well (Tom)
  9. Being married to my best friend! (Tom)
  10. The warmth of bed on a cold morning.
  11. Decorating our Christmas tree – seeing all the ornaments we’ve collected over the years and remembering the story behind each one:  i.e.. the large gold and clear tear drop purchased the year my Dad went to be with the Lord.  Or the glass Davy Crockett that Tom’s parents purchased his first Christmas – 56 years ago!
  12. Flickering flames.
  13. Old Friendships that grow sweeter as time passes.
  14. Hearing that old friends are coming to town.
  15. Explaining our 32 years of collectible Christmas ornaments to our 3 year old granddaughter and seeing her face light up when she saw our tree for the first time.
  16. Telling her about Jesus and how He came to earth as a Baby.
  17. Dinner with parents and their close friends as we talked about the best Christmas gift we’ve ever received.
  18. Engaging older couples in conversation, listening to them in order to glean from their experiences.
  19. Hugging the neck of a recently widowed man and hearing him whisper, “pray for me”.
  20. Holding Tom’s arm as we stroll around the lake in the cold night air.
  21. Receiving a phone call from Tom and hearing him sing a love song to me while it plays on the radio.
  22. Hearts beating.
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