Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

It is cold even for Florida tonight – dropping into the low 30’s – and it’s a great time to share with you romantic ideas for when it’s cold outside.  But first we would like to remind you to visit The Marry Blogger.  The deadline to vote for your favorite marriage blog is fast approaching (Dec. 14th).  Won’t you take a minute – that’s really all it takes – to hop over there and vote?  We’d appreciate it very much.

Now for our heart-warming list of Winter Date Night Ideas:

1.  Build an outdoor fire and cozy up with a blanket, some hot coffee and roast those marshmallows!

2.  Go out for ice cream and walk around a well-lit park.  Buy some hot pocket warmers to keep those fingers and toes toasty warm.

3.  Visit a local hotel that has a beautiful lobby or a local coffee shop.  Buy a couple of drinks and sit and relax in the beautiful surroundings.

4.  Watch a summer movie like Beach Blanket Bingo and wear your bathing suits while snuggled up in a sleeping bag. Take some tanning oil and spread it all over each other and let things lead you where they may!

5.  Pioneer night. Turn off all the lights and use only candles to light your way.  Read to each other from one of your favorite books or choose an classic book of love poems.  Also turn off the cell phones and computers.  Pioneers had no such links to the outside world.  As an extra – serve up some homemade chili and cornbread!  Of course heated over a fire!

6.  Make s’mores over a pillar candle, and feed them to each other.  Or go all out and have your own fondue for two.

7.  Use a blow dryer to heat up your sheets before climbing in together naked.

8.  Make your own pizza night.  Each of you work on cutting and dicing all your toppings.  Make your crust in the shape of a heart and wait for them to get hot and crusty in the oven.  Enjoy it while watching Letters to Juliet or Under the Tuscan Sun.  Or if you are really adventurous start taking Italian lessons using Rosetta Stone or something similar.  Write each other an Italian love note and let them decipher the meaning.

9.  Bake cut out cookies ahead of time and spend an evening decorating them together.  Give them as gifts to close friends or neighbors.

10.  Play Making Sense of Blindman’s Bluff.  Blindfold your spouse and feed them different foods.  Let them guess what it is by TASTE.  Then let them smell different things and try to guess what they are by SMELL.  Next play different sounds for them to guess by HEARING and finally let them guess what they’re touching – yeah, this one can be a lot of FUN!  You may feel cold when you begin, but we guarantee things will be warming up mighty nice by the time you make it to the touching phase.

Do you have more ideas?  We’d love to hear them.  The winter will be awfully cold without finding ways to keep the home fires burning!  Have fun, stay warm and most of all – keep finding new ways to your love to your spouse!

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