Fruit of the Spirit: Faith

We began our study of the Fruit of the Spirit as it applies to marriage at the beginning of September.  It’s hard to believe four months have passed, and yet, here we are –  ready to dive into the last Fruit of the Spirit – FAITH.

The Bible says in Hebrews 12:1, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”

This entire chapter goes on to tell of the great men and women of old who believed God and the promises He had made, although all died without ever seeing it come to pass.  Their faith was in God, and as a result they trusted His timing to fulfill what He promised.

Certainly there is purpose in the order of the Fruit as it is listed in Galations 5:22 – love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, meekness…faith!  But the fruit isn’t plural – it is one fruit with nine attributes.  Each one is growing ever stronger as we practice our “faith”.  And the one with whom we practice most is our spouse.

We have faced many difficult seasons in our marriage.  Some were the results of sin issues, some were physical issues and some were simply misunderstandings left to fester.  They have come somewhat regularly like the tide of the sea, yet each time we have learned more about ourselves and what wrongly motivates us.

What God is desiring in our marriage, as well in our personal lives, is a faith which is unflinching.

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He likened it to us traveling a road on a stagecoach going full speed ahead, when an unexpected obstacle obscures the way.  The horses, not expecting the hazard, are startled and rear up on their haunches.  Luggage is strewn everywhere; the dust is so thick it’s suffocating and everything comes to an abrupt halt.  It takes time to calm the horses down, assess any damages before forward progress can begin again, if at all.

Compare this scenario to a bullet train traveling full-throttle across the countryside.  It is secure on the tracks, and doesn’t flinch when anything gets in its way.  It’s way is secure because the path is sure.

God has ordained our lives to be marked with unflinching faith.  We will face adversity.  We will have hardships; jobs will be lost, sickness will come and rebellion will inflict it’s stabbing pain and guilt in our lives.  This is life in our world, but faith rises above the trouble, and gives us a vision for what will be.  Our confidence and hope isn’t in our ability to change ourselves.  Our confidence is in God who is the author and perfecter of our faith.  And what He has begun, He will complete.

This is faith, and this is our hope, your hope!

Although we don’t see everything clearly yet, we know one day we will!  Let’s love each other with faith knowing God is at work in both of our hearts.  Let’s believe His Word is true not just for those who have gone before us, but for us today, where we are.  Our marriages will grow as we respond to the Spirit’s work in our lives.  He has promised it so.

We close this series with a worship song titled, Completely Done, from the Sons and Daughters album. Take a moment to thank God for the Fruit evident in your marriage at present and for the Fruit which will surely come in the future.  We can have faith, because He who has promised is faithful!

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