Romantic Orlando – Hot Olives

Hot Olives Simple Gourmet

601 South New York Avenue
(the corner of Fairbanks & New York)
Winter Park, Florida 32789
Tel:  407.629.1030
Our date night this week took us to Hot Olives.  It’s a restaurant in downtown Winter Park that recently moved.  We weren’t sure we would like to new location, but after visiting tonight – we believe it was a good move.  The inside seating area is large enough where you don’t feel crowded – always a plus for intimate conversation.  The outdoor space is smaller than what they used to have, but once they finish decorating, it will be very nice.

The menu at first glance seems expensive, however, after ordering a shared meal we were able to keep the cost down.  We highly recommend their signature appetizer appropriately named, Hot Olives.  They serve it in a martini glass along with a bleu cheese salsa.  It would be worth the visit just for this appetizer alone.  It was that good!

So this is the first post in our series titled Romantic Orlando.  We hope it will inspire you to explore parts of Central Florida you may have missed.  Or if you’re visiting, to enjoy some out-of-the-way romantic spots the tour guides will never tell you about.

Romantic Regards from Orlando!

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2 Responses to Romantic Orlando – Hot Olives

  1. Kim says:

    I really look forward to these Orlando post. My hubby and I will be going there in August! 🙂


    • Debi Walter says:

      Oh good. We’ll be sure to include some of our all-time favorite spots. August is really hot though, so make plans to visit the beach! A must!!


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