Bud Break

You may think “Bud Break” is just a beer served during Spring Break on the beach, but you would be wrong.

Bud Break is the term used in the vineyard when the first signs of spring arrive.  It is when the first leaves break out and usually occurs in March.  This promises another year of growth – another year of harvest.

Did you know the first three leaves which appear on the vine are actually from the previous fall’s harvest?  The leaves as well as the tiny clusters of fruit are stored in the bud and stay dormant throughout the long cold winter.  No matter how harsh the weather the leaves and fruit are safe.

Photo Credit: Ed Hellman

The fourth leaf and beyond all grow as a result of photosynthesis – the warmth of the sun allows the vine to produce it’s own growth.  This all sounds so scientific, but what is true on the vine is true in life.  Allowing the warmth of God’s Truth to penetrate our weary vines will enable us to grow and mature.

This is a good time to assess the vineyard and see which vines are in need of attention and which vines are growing along nicely. It is during this time when you can see how many clusters of grapes each vine will produce.  The vine dresser actually chooses if the grape clusters are too many for one vine to handle and prune accordingly.

Photo Credit: Valley Girl Vineyards

Considering our marriages, this is also a good time of year to take stock of our bud break, so to speak.  How have your vines weathered the cold of conflicts and the freezing temperatures of the flailing economy?  These are difficult times, and our marriages are not immune to the devastating effects, that is, left to themselves. But we aren’t left to ourselves; God has kept us safe within His care.

He is the Supreme vine dresser, and He is very attentive to every branch of our vine (our marriage).  He knows us well, and He knows how much fruit will be harvested even in the early stages of Spring.

This is a time to celebrate the growth we see and take stock of the areas in which we are wasting energy.  We must be willing to say “no” to those things which are inhibiting growth in our relationship.  This could be financial, relational, or emotional.  Don’t insist on keeping things in your relationship that God is obviously wanting to remove.

If you have hobbies which are draining the life and time out of your marriage – stop.  If you are so busy with others, children included, that you have no time or energy to give your spouse – stop.  If you are neglecting time together due to financial pressures, realize this is an area you cannot afford to neglect.  Marriage is an investment that always requires our constant attention.  Failing to tend to it will guarantee a poor harvest, if any at all.

Why?  Why all the effort to tend to our vineyard?  Because when we said our vows it wasn’t just to each other;  it wasn’t just to those witnessing from the seats;  it was in the presence of God Himself.  He not only heard your vows, He sealed them in Heaven and grafted two separate vines together as one.  No matter how many harvests your marriage has endured, God has not for one minute taken His eye off of you.  He is watching for the fruit, and His is a fruit which will remain.


This is a bud break worth celebrating!  Growth in our vineyard means God is still at work and as long as He is…


How have your vines weathered the winter?  Are you seeing bud break to the fourth leaf and beyond?

We’d love to get to know you…

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