You’ve Got Mail Date Night

We posted about this date a three years ago, but for the sake of our new readers we thought we’d share it again.


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Debi loves the movie, You’ve Got Mail. She watches it at least once a year, but always around Thanksgiving.

One day I called her on our normal date night day (Monday), and said, “Tonight we’re having a You’ve Got Mail Date.”

“What’s that?” She asked.

“You’ll have to wait and see!”  and then I hung up.

I got her going this time. You see, she’s usually the one with the wacky, out-of-the-box type of date night ideas. Being able to “get her” like this was so fun. My biggest problem was Debi’s tendency to over think what I might be planning. Something I would discourage anyone from doing who knows there is a surprise in the works – for two reasons:

  1. You may come up with an idea completely different from theirs, setting you up for great disappointment. Expectations are never a healthy thing when it comes to being surprised by your spouse.
  2. You may guess what they’re doing and spoil the surprise. Debi has regretted doing this a few times. She figured out my plans and it ruined the surprise. We still had fun, but it lost some of its umph.

By God’s grace Debi didn’t have a clue and the night went off perfectly.

Here’s what I did. (See if you can catch all the references to the movie.)

I had Debi leave for a little while so I could get things ready. When she returned, I led her to a table I had prepared in our bedroom for dinner. I sat her down to a lovely setting centered with a bouquet of daisies. There was a movie jacket and our first course (sushi) waiting. We sat and talked over our day while enjoying our appetizers.

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Next I handed her a menu from Cafe’ Lalo that I had printed off of their website.

Cafe Lalo

Earlier in the day, I picked two options from the menu that I thought she might order, and then, I purchased both at a local restaurant for take-out.  When Debi chose her menu item I was thrilled she picked one of the dishes. (It pays to study your spouse for moments like these.) I ate the other choice.

Our table for two

While we enjoyed this fabulous meal, I handed her a trivia sheet. It had all kinds of questions from the movie to test her knowledge. I’m not surprised in the least to say, she knew them all.

After dinner, we got comfortable and watched the movie together while drinking Starbucks Cappuccinos. And to end it all, I gave Debi a single red rose to remember our wonderful night. She said it was thoughtful, romantic and one of the nicest dates I’ve ever planned.

This took place over four years ago, but we remember it as if it were yesterday. Below is a picture of a recent trip we took to New York City. Debi insisted we go to the Upper West Side of Manhattan in order to see all of the You’ve Got Mail sites. Do you know where this park is shown in the movie? (If you don’t, ask Debi – she’s sure to know!) I find it ironic she’s sandwiched between a “keep park clean” sign and a garbage can.

What is your spouse’s favorite movie? Don’t forget the classics too! Can you think of a way to make a creative date around the movie’s theme? Guaranteed your spouse will love every minute of it!


This is post #27 in the Ultimate Blog Challenge to post everyday in October.

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6 Responses to You’ve Got Mail Date Night

  1. I love this! I can’t wait until I have a little free time to plan something for Bob. I know he likes Planet of the Apes, but maybe I can come up with something a little more date friendly.


    • Debi Walter says:

      I don’t know Bonnie – banana pudding is really a good choice. Dinner at Planet Hollywood, mayber? And don’t forget swinging from the backyard vines. 🙂


  2. I’ve got to put some thought into this – Rob’s favorite movie is The Princess Bride. We could do horsebackriding and sword fighting. I could dress our german-shepherd up as a RUS… hmmm. And we do have a swamp in the backyard!


    • Debi Walter says:

      I think you’re on to something. And don’t forget the peanuts – I mean it! LOL!

      Seriously, this could be a really fun date night idea. There would certainly be lots of laughter.


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