Win Or Dare Putt-Putt Date Night

You’ve heard of Truth or Dare most likely, well this is cleaner and a great way to spend an evening outside on your next date. This post was originally a guest post on The Generous Wife blog last week, but we wanted to share it with you as well!


♥  There is one dare per hole.
♥  The idea is to win each hole.
♥  If you don’t win then you have to do the dare for that hole.
♥  If there is a tie on a hole you push the dare to the next hole. Whoever loses has to catch up on all the dares.
♥  Keep track of who wins the most holes. The winner gets the treat of their choice.

THE DARES: (print them and take with you to the course.)

Hole 1 – Play the next hole with one hand behind your back.
Hole 2 – Sing “You Are So Beautiful” to your spouse out loud.
Hole 3 – Do the Tarzan call or imitate a monkey. Your choice.
Hole 4 – Play the next hole facing opposite direction. If you normally face left, face right or vice versa.
Hole 5 – Twirl in a circle 10 times like a ballerina.
Hole 6 – Do 10 jumping jacks.
Hole 7 – Get the signature of a stranger on your scorecard before starting next hole.
Hole 8 – Dance with your spouse to the next hole.
Hole 9 – Hit your first shot with your eyes closed.
Hole 10 – Wild Card – your spouse gets to choose what you have to do, either now or later.
Hole 11 – Flamingo hole – play this hole while standing on one leg.
Hole 12 – Skip to the next hole or play an air guitar. Your choice.
Hole 13 – Kiss your spouse in 13 places (careful, you’re in public.)
Hole 14 – Twirl your golf club like a baton.
Hole 15 – Play the next hole sitting down for each shot.
Hole 16 – Play the next hole using your foot instead of your club.
Hole 17 – Kiss for 1 minute.
Hole 18 – Play this hole together with the husband standing behind the wife with his arms around her to hit his ball. The wife has to do the same reaching around her husband to hit her ball. Do this for every shot until the ball is in the hole.

Photo Credit: msn lifestyle

NOTE: The great thing about this game is that you can change the DARES to suit your personalities. Make it fun and memorable. And don’t forget your camera – you’ll most likely be talking about this date for awhile!

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9 Responses to Win Or Dare Putt-Putt Date Night

  1. I love this.
    Not that I love miniature golf (I only played it with the miniatures…), but it sounds delightful enough for me to visit the local money pit soon.


    • Debi Walter says:

      Roy, We went last night and had the best time! We didn’t really care who won…although I did! 🙂 The Wild Card ended up being the best hole to win. Have fun!!


  2. Sounds like fun. It’s alway good weather for putt-putt in the Carolinas!


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