Our Winners!

It’s hard to believe Summer has come and gone, but we have proof. Our Summer Lovin’ Photo Contest was sizzlin’ right up until the very end. Thank you to all who entered and thank you to all who took the time to vote! It was fun watching the final minutes as the winners were secured. The votes were really close.

Now to announce the winners:

3rd Place – Kyle and Leah VanCleave, celebrating 4 years

2nd Place – Dion and Annie Ricketts, celebrating 22 years

1st Place – Paul and Paula Balluff, celebrating 20 years

Congratulations! Please e-mail us your mailing address so we can get your prizes sent to you right away (theromanticvineyard@gmail.com). Thanks again. What a fun contest and what a great demonstration of how great marriage can be. We had lots of comments about the happiness expressed on each couples’ faces. Great job!

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7 Responses to Our Winners!

  1. Annie says:

    Wow! Well that was fun! Not just winning second place but the whole trip (minus travel, of course!!), dinner, everything! Here’s to spontaneous pictures 🙂 Love ya!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to all the winners! Even though we didn’t win the contest…..I still consider myself lucky in love and very blessed to have such a loving, wonderful husband! Pamela


  3. Paul & Paula Balluff says:

    Wow, the last time I ever won anything was a “Buffy Saint Marie” album in 1974. No wait – the best WIN I ever had was June 14th 1986, and she is still my prize and love and best friend. Hope to get back to Longboat Key and the Anna Maria Pier again next year where we honeymooned and re-honeymoon almost every year.


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