The Praying Marriage

Photo Credit: Mars Hill Church

Photo Credit: Mars Hill Church

We all know how important it is to pray, especially for our spouse. But what do we pray for concerning them? It’s easy to pray for immediate needs–what they’re currently facing. But how much better to back up and see the big picture of what God is doing and pray from that vantage point.

We found a song titled, The Marriage Prayer, that demonstrates how to do this. We pray it will encourage you to pray all the more TODAY for your spouse from this view. In fact it might best be titled, The Praying Marriage.

How often do you pray for your spouse? In what ways have you seen God answer those prayers in surprising ways?

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3 Responses to The Praying Marriage

  1. Big Picture Praying. So true, Debi. Sometimes we can become mired in the dreck of the immediate and forget – literally be blinded – that God is doing something great. Thank you for the reminder – it’s very much needed right now. ❤


  2. Fawn Weaver says:

    At one time I’d pray for him every morning as he was leaving out the door. I’d pray for his day and every meeting in it. I’d ask for his prayer requests for the day and I’d lift those up before he’d even make it to the garage. And this just reminded me that I’ve not been as consistent about that lately. There have been days when he’s gone into the world not covered by my prayers. The Lord has covered him but not his wife. Not good. Thanks for the reminder!


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