Monday Date Night Prompts – Picnic Ideas To Mix and Match

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I’m sure you’ve enjoyed a picnic or two since you’ve been married. But today’s prompt mixes up the traditional picnic to make it something special.

Pick Your Menu

  • Hot Meal from a favorite restaurant picked up while on your way to your location
  • Cold chicken, assorted salads and fruit
  • Sandwiches, either homemade or store bought, chips and cookies

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Pick Your Location

  • Beach
  • Lakefront
  • City Park
  • Backyard

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Pick Your Style

  • Casual – on a blanket with paper products and plasticware
  • Festive – use a theme based on the time of year e.g. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Summer or Fall
  • Special – Pack a folding table with tablecloth and napkins. Bring a nice candle or lamp and extension cord if there is electrical outlet nearby. Have music too, using a portable speaker with your Spotify or Amazon Music playlist.

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As you can see, picnics don’t have to be the same old, same old. With a little thought and planning you can take your next picnic up a notch. Try it! You may just discover a new way to picnic that you both love.

For more ideas on how to make your picnic easier and more enjoyable check out these ideas. Also see our Pinterest Board: Not Your Normal Picnic Ideas

What is your most memorable picnic?

Happy Dating!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. We haven’t been on a picnic with each other in years. Time for us to do that again. 😀

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