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Face it, marriage is hard work. But when cultivated daily the fruit produced will satisfy for a lifetime. We're here to help with ideas and encouragement along the way. Having been married 36 years and counting, we share what we've learned with practical tips, Biblical Truths, Date night ideas to help you plow your own vineyard for God's glory.

Monday Date Night Prompts

If you’ve read our blog long, you know that Monday has always been our date night–for as long as I can remember. We chose Mondays because it was our pastor’s day off and no church meetings were ever scheduled on … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted up some of my favorite marriage blog posts from the week, and I’m sorry. It’s certainly not because there aren’t any I’d recommend. On the contrary! There are so many excellent Christian … Continue reading

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Paying Attention To The Nudges

Nudges.  They are easy to miss if we’re not paying attention. A couple of weeks ago, Tom and I were watching television, and saw a commercial for chocolate chip cookies. He commented how good those looked. (nudge) I got up … Continue reading

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The Beauty of a Crimson Stained Marriage

The year was predicted to yield a bumper crop, a winemaker’s dream. The vines had experienced near perfect growing conditions all summer, and harvest was just beginning. At 3:20a. on the morning of August 24th, the unimaginable happened. An earthquake … Continue reading

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When Marriage Is No Longer Fun

If you’ve been married longer than a few months you’ve most likely come to this place. Marriage for a lifetime covers the whole gamut of life experiences: the good, the boring, and the horrible. Your marriage is no exception. Knowing … Continue reading

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When Tom told me he was taking me away for our anniversary… Happy weekend to us!

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I’m A Better Me Because Of We

This is the week we celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary. It’s full of memories, thanksgivings, laughter and just plain gratefulness to God for allowing us to travel this far together. Last week we were talking with a shoe salesman and … Continue reading

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Answering the Why of Marriage

We had dinner with friends last night and the conversation landed on what we hope to do in the remaining years of our lives. It seems we spend most of our time dreaming and working towards the last years of … Continue reading

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Happy Hour

It’s time to share with you some of our favorite blog posts from this past week. Take some time this weekend to check them out–your marriage will thank you! Have a blessed weekend. Bonnie’s Oyster Bed Say It Out Loud … Continue reading

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Great Valentine’s Idea for Less than $12

You know I love Valentine’s Day. You know I love to surprise my husband. You know I love creative date ideas. I happened upon this blog at the recommendation of a friend, and I can’t tell you how much I love … Continue reading

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Take H.E.A.R.T. My Love (Valentine’s Idea)

Valentines Schmalentines. So many people are anti Valentine’s Day–even my son who explained why to me this past weekend. “I enjoy my wife everyday, not just one day a year because Hallmark or ProFlowers tells me to do so.” I get … Continue reading

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A Time For Everything…

Every marriage faces different seasons. Some you see coming and others take you by surprise with a phone call. Being aware of this helps us adjust when the winds change–rather than get blown away by the emotional roller coaster, we … Continue reading

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Part Two of our Daughter’s Story

Click here to read: Choosejoy365

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Where We’ve Been

We are well into 2017, yet our Christmas tree still stands decorated in our living room. We just returned from GA where we’ve been helping our daughter since Christmas.  Rather than write out the details of all that we’ve been … Continue reading

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20 Practical Romantic Resolutions For The Unromantic Husband

Here we are at the start of a new year and everyone either embraces resolutions or runs from them as fast as they can. I get that. It seems resolutions set us up to fail, especially when what we set … Continue reading

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Keeping It Real This New Year…

I want to post something because it’s been awhile since I have. But my reserves are low and my motivation even more so. We have been caught in the middle of many situations requiring our constant attention. It has divided … Continue reading

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Christmas In Review

I know we still have two days left before the day is here. But I wanted to plant this idea in your mind now, so maybe you’ll remember to come back to this post next week. Please? What I’d like … Continue reading

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Thirsty For Romance

Date nights can become routine, and during the Christmas season they can become non-existent. Why not plan something special this week while you’re out shopping together? Romantic Tip for this week is to include our Mall Date Night idea we shared … Continue reading

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Keeping It Real This Christmas–Can You Relate?

My house is a mess. I am decorating for Christmas, but there are demands keeping me from finishing it all at once. Oh sure, I’ve posted photos on Instagram zoomed in where it appears my home is picture perfect, but it’s not. It … Continue reading

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(S)Elf On The Shelf

Our daughter sent us a photo on the first of December. It’s of their little elf who had brought hot chocolate for their 4 children to enjoy when they 2 woke up. It’s a cute tradition many young families have … Continue reading

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