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Face it, marriage is hard work. But when cultivated daily the fruit produced will satisfy for a lifetime. We're here to help with ideas and encouragement along the way. Having been married 40 years and counting, we share what we've learned with practical tips, Biblical Truths, Date night ideas to help you plow your own vineyard for God's glory.

The Fog Has Purpose

Imagine my disappointment when we arrived at Zion National Park to cold, foggy weather. Based on my last post I was hoping the views would be not only visible but breathtaking too. I had no idea of what was coming! … Continue reading

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Danger: Fog Ahead, but Summer Is Coming

Fog happens when the temperature changes drastically, usually during the changing of seasons. It can descend quickly and leave just as fast, or it can linger for days, even weeks. When it’s the latter it can bring with it a … Continue reading

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Pruning A Marriage Is Hard Work

It is Spring in FL and everything in our garden needs pruning, weeding, mulching, fertilizing and/or repotting. It can be overwhelming when looked at as a whole. But Tom and I have found that focusing on one thing and completing … Continue reading

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42 is a significant number in more ways than I realized. In fact, there is a website that shares a list of 42 ways the number 42 is significant. Ten of the ones that stood out to me are listed … Continue reading

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“You’re All The Woman I’ll Ever Need”

We were young and had two, (soon-to-be) three small children. Our church was young as well. We had left a large mega church in order to plant, with our young couples’ pastor, a church to discover New Testament reality. We … Continue reading

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Creativity Wins This Valentine’s Day

As most of you know, Tom (Papa) and I (Nana) are in Arkansas helping our daughter and son-in-love with their first baby who was born at 24 weeks and 5 days in October. They came home after being 2 hours … Continue reading

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Beauty To Behold

It’s the time of year in Florida where we have to prune, trim and weed our yard. Spring comes before the calendar says it’s so, and Saturday was the right time for us to get to work. We enjoy yard … Continue reading

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Finding Your Place

We have a place here in Florida that has become one of our favorite places to go. Especially during the pandemic. It is a place that helps redirect our focus, and it has worked for us time and time again. … Continue reading

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Keeping This One Thing Will Strengthen Your Marriage

Conscience. It’s how God helps us grow in our relationship with Him and with others. Children usually have very tender conscience, and will quickly confess when their conscience is telling them they have done something wrong. Our conscience is for … Continue reading

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A Dormant Season

We have a huge, very healthy bougainvillea in our backyard. It is so large it is pushing our new fence and making it difficult to walk by it without getting scratched by it’s enormous thorns. We needed to prune it, … Continue reading

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Growth Through Heartache

I referred to it in our last post. Today I want to share the story that took our marriage from the honeymoon stage to the next level of intimacy–growth through heartache. Tom and I wanted children. We had decided on … Continue reading

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California Dreamin’ On Such A Winter’s Day

We had only been married a couple of years when we decided to take a trip across the country to visit Tom’s parents. I was a Florida girl, born and raised, and had heard about California my whole life, but … Continue reading

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When Opposites Don’t Attract

The old adage that opposites attract is often said in regard to marriage, and it is true most times. Tom and I couldn’t be more opposite in areas that aren’t important, e.g. how we like our eggs, hot beverage of … Continue reading

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25 of My Favorite Things Date Idea

Favorite things are just that–favorites. And most people will talk for hours about what they love if you can figure out what that is. Your spouse is no exception. I had the idea to think about my favorite things and … Continue reading

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Forced To Embrace Something I Used To Hate

For one who doesn’t like it, I have had a lot of it in my life. I used to literally hate it. What is this thing I disdained so? Change. In all it’s varying forms I resisted change as much … Continue reading

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20 Questions From Last Year Worth Repeating

It’s a good habit to pause at the beginning of a new year and reflect on the year before to help you make changes in the year ahead. We compiled 20 questions last year that are just as applicable to … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2020 – You Won’t Be Missed, But You’ll Never Be Forgotten

This year is about to slip away at the stroke of midnight. In one second’s time 2020 will be gone, but it will be a year we will never forget. It will be taught in the history books of our … Continue reading

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How Advent Informs our Marriage with Joy

This post is my heart in black and white. It has been a difficult year and a half in our family. We have faced circumstances that have revealed things in my heart that are hard to bear. My husband has … Continue reading

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How Advent Informs Our Marriage with Love

If it weren’t for Christ coming to earth as a baby, we wouldn’t be able to express true love to our spouse. He paved the way in the darkness to bring light and love to all who believe in Him. … Continue reading

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How Advent Informs Our Marriage with Peace

Peace. We all long for peace. But peace isn’t what many of us expect. It isn’t silence or a lack of any thing that irritates or troubles us. This is one of our favorite scenes from the movie, What About … Continue reading

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