Fragrant Aroma: We’re Two Today!


Whenever we wake up on our Anniversary, we have a sense or awareness unlike any other day of the year.  We’re keenly aware of God’s faithfulness in our lives; His sustaining grace in difficult years, and His abundant kindness in years of plenty.  It’s a day for looking back, a day for looking forward and a day to enjoy celebrating the present!

When we started The Romantic Vineyard two years ago, it was primarily to help couples in our church come up with fun and creative ways to keep the romance alive in their relationship.  We had no idea of how God would use us to help couples we’ve never even met.  It still baffles our mind, but we press on. Here is one of our very first posts from November 2008.  You can see our  passion is the same – only stronger and more defined.

We realize we possess nothing God hasn’t given to us, including our marriage.  And He could just as quickly decide to take it all away.  Thus, the need to always embrace life with an open hand, not a tight grip. Something we are constantly asking for God’s help in doing.

Here are some fun statistics about our Vineyard you might find interesting.  We see each one as an evidence of God’s grace.

We have learned in the blog world that these statistics are minuscule compared to other sites, but we’re amazed and humbled.  Because each statistic represents a marriage seeking to grow stronger and healthier “til death do us part!”  This is what makes blogging not a passing hobby, but a mission with a vision used to glorify God in how Husbands and Wives relate to one another. It’s not about our personal happiness, but our growth in godliness and maturity!  These are the marriages that produce lasting fruit.

Please accept our heartfelt “THANK YOU,” for inviting us into your lives.  We count it a privilege to serve you in this way!  We’d love to hear from you on this very special day – won’t you comment to this post telling us in what city you live.

Now, for the all important part of THIS anniversary celebration!  We have a tough task – selecting 3 winners in our Capturing The Romance Photo Contest.  Thank you to all who entered.  We have a feeling we’ll be doing this again, so keep those cameras clicking!

Click here to find out who won!

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7 Responses to Fragrant Aroma: We’re Two Today!

  1. Dan & Susan Wilcox says:

    Loving your website from allllllll the way down in Kissimmee! 😉 Celebrating with you today – Happy Birthday!! Thank you so much for your example & for inspiring us to glorify God in our marriage!


    • Debi Walter says:

      Hey you two!

      It was great seeing you last night – so glad you drove allllllll the way up from Kissimmee! 🙂 Wasn’t the wedding beautiful?

      We love you,
      Tom and Debi


  2. Mike Scroggins says:

    Following your Godly insight from Kennewick, Wa.

    I am very pleased to say that many times over the last year I have found valuable information and suggestions from this subscription that have helped my relationship grow in depth that is pleasing to our Lord. I find strength and support in the daily email, and a wealth of knowledge that mirrors the examole that my parents showed me growing up.
    I have been dating for over 2 years and will be asking my girlfriend to be my wife in early 2011 when we are on a mission trip to New Zealand. We are doing this God’s way and having the support of your site, as well as ones like The Generous Husband, and the Generous Wife, makes staying on track biblically, much easier. Thank you so much for your dedication to bless others. 🙂


    • Debi Walter says:

      Dear Mike,

      We are so happy that God is helping you with your relationship to honor and glorify Him. Getting engaged is a most exciting time in life – we pray God will continue to help you love her the way Christ loves the church. Thank you for celebrating our two year anniversary with us – we are thrilled to know Washington State is connected to our Vineyard!
      Have a great day,
      Tom and Debi


  3. Russell Meyer says:

    Reading your posts up here in Richland, Washington (NOT D.C.)


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