Romantic Father’s Day Ideas

Father's Day

If your husband is also a Dad then don’t miss a great opportunity to romance him on this special day.  Sure, the kids will want to do something, but this is also the perfect time to celebrate his ability to procreate with YOU.

Play this up big by teasing him all week.  Give him little hints and flirtations letting him know you have some romantic intentions for him when the sun goes down on Father’s Day.  He’ll be sure to be counting down the minutes until the kids are in bed. 🙂

Below are some more ideas and sites offering ideas you may want to use. Most of all take time to plan something he’ll appreciate and remember for a long time.

  • Take his car and have it detailed for him as a surprise.
  • Make him “King For A Day” giving him the royal treatment. The things you do will vary according to your husband’s interests. It’s all about great food and activities.
  • Have your kids do a special broadcast about their Dad. Call the station WDAD, and later you can have your own Emmy Awards for the best leading man in a broadcast.
  • Favorite Things Day – Make a list of your husband’s favorite things, and give them to him all day long. Bake his favorite dessert, cook his favorite meal, play his favorite game, watch his favorite movie or sports event. You get the idea.
  • Clean out the garage for him or some other area he has been putting off. You could even rally the kids and do all his yard work for him as a surprise when he drives home on Friday.
  • Make him a Grateful Journal with everything you can think of for which you’re grateful. Who he is, How he works/serves, What he does for you personally, Where he is going (dreams and plans). End it with a prayer of thanksgiving to God for giving you him as the father of your children.
  • Kind Notes – a unique gift to give.  Make your own messages or choose from their list of over 500 suggestions.
  • Top 25 Father’s Day Gifts for Dads of all kinds.

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  2. I love your post and think the ideas are right on point. I would like to share if i may the website Personal Letters ( Their personalized Father’s Day letters are sure to be a hit, and they always have free extras like a downloadable coupon book for dad.
    Every holiday they also have great free competitions with awesome prizes.


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