Romantic Technology


We literally have the world at our fingertips!  There are hundreds of ways to harness this power to cultivate romance with your spouse.

I remember back when beepers were what every working man carried on his hip to stay connected.  I had the idea to send my husband a message in code, but decided at the last minute not to tell him who it was from.   (For those of you too young to remember how beepers work – a phone number was typed in, so the recipient would return the call).  For as long as I can remember we’ve written “ILY” to each other on napkins, in the sand, on church bulletins and personal journals.  It’s a small way we remind each other that we truly love each other.  Naturally, I had the idea to send Tom an “ILY”, which on a dial pad translates to “459”.

I sent it a couple of times in one afternoon.  When he came home he commented that someone was sending him a strange number, and he had no idea how to get in touch with them because it was only three numbers.  I kept quiet.  The next day I did it two more times throughout the day.  It was driving Tom crazy because he didn’t know who was doing it.  This went on for a week until our date night – I gave him a card and signed it,  “459 – ILY!”  The look on his face was priceless, “So it was you!?!”  🙂

This was a fun and inexpensive way to communicate to him (using technology) how much I think about him during the day.

We’ve all sent e-cards and e-mails, but have you ever sent a private e-vite to your spouse inviting them to his/her own private party?  What are some ideas that have worked for you?  We’d love to hear them!

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