Here’s Where Marriage Begins:

Praying Together

(from Love That Lasts, by Gary and Betsy Ricucci)

“If you don’t remember anything else you read in this book, please remember this:  A magnificent marriage begins not with knowing one another but with knowing God.  In Him we have the foundation and resources necessary to love one another.  His Word, His ways, and His will must be paramount in our lives.  Unless we are growing in the knowledge of God, we’ll lack the motivation and wisdom to build an effective marriage.”

So, how are you growing in the knowledge of God?  What is God currently saying to you?  Does your spouse know?  If not, why?  Our spouses should be first to know what we’re hearing God say to us personally.  May we challenge you to purpose to have this conversation with your husband/wife?

The book continues:

“Knowing God gives us the creativity to be romantic; it gives us the grace to lead and follow.  Faith toward God sustains, instructs, and motivates us.  It’s because we are seeking first the Lord and His kingdom that all things — including the tools for a magnificent marriage — shall be added to us.”

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