The Letter “E”


In case you’re joining us mid-series…we are taking one letter of the alphabet each week and offering ideas for a wonderful date night built around that letter.  You can do this once a week for 26 weeks of great dates – or you can spread it out over a year with two dates a month.  Either way, these ideas cover the gamut of  things to do. Join us each Wednesday for the next letter.


Early Bird – Go to dinner where an early bird special is offered.

Evening on the East Coast – Take an evening drive to the beach and walk together under the stars.

Efficiency – Surprise your spouse and rent an efficiency at the beach for a room to relax in after your walk on the beach.

Eight Ball – go to a local sports bar and play a few rounds of pool.

Eiffel Tower – plan an evening with a Parisian theme (July 14th is Bastille Day – a great reason to celebrate this great landmark!)

Eternal City – plan an evening with a Roman theme.

“E” Movies – Here are a few classics:  Elf, Emma, Ever After, The Elephant ManThe Last Emperor

Play Euchre – a card game that’s lots of fun!

Electric Slide – learn how to do this line dance together.


The Elephant Bar Restaurant – Altamonte Springs

Enzo’s on the Lake – Casselberry

Foods to Try making yourself or ordering out – Eggplant Parmesan, Eggs, Escargo (great for your Eiffel Tower Parisian Dinner)

Emeril’s Orlando

Emiliano’z – an authentic Mexican restaurant with great atmosphere.  In cooler weather their outdoor porch overlooking Pearl Lake is perfect!

Eclairs – a perfect dessert!


Encourage your spouse by making a list of all the Evidences of God’s grace you currently see in them

Express – Send them a special gift “Federal Express” (Fedex).

Eucalyptus – this aromatic plant provides a relaxing scent and is available dried for floral arrangements or as an oil to add to a hot bath.

Earl Grey Tea – have a hot eucalyptus bath drawn for your spouse and serve them this delightful tea to unwind after a hard day.

Eyes and Ears – soothe their eyes with a cool eye mask, and ears with the sounds of easy listening jazz artists like “Ella Fitzgerald” or “Etta James”.

About Debi Walter

Face it, marriage is hard work. But when cultivated daily the fruit produced will satisfy for a lifetime. We're here to help with ideas and encouragement along the way. Having been married 40 years and counting, we share what we've learned with practical tips, Biblical Truths, Date night ideas to help you plow your own vineyard for God's glory.
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