Birthdays – A Great Opportunity to Bless Your Spouse

Happy Birthday

Today is Tom’s birthday.  We have celebrated 31 together, and I never tire of thinking of ways to make this day special for him.  I haven’t been one to simply bake a cake with candles, sing a song and hand a gift with a card calling it a birthday celebration.  Especially when it comes to the most important relationship in my life.  I love to surprise Tom,  and I love to pull off the unexpected.

So, I thought I’d share on our blog Seven Out Of The Ordinary Ways to make a birthday special!  You can apply these ideas to anniversary celebrations as well.  My prayer is that these ideas will spark creative ways for you to bless the spouse God has given to you!

  1. Depending on how old your spouse is – use this as a springboard for ideas.  For example, if your spouse is turning 30 – think of three things that begin with the letter “O” that you can give to them.  These can be as simple as going to dinner at Olive Garden or more elaborate as going to the Opera.  It all depends on what your spouse likes.  I did this for Tom when he turned the big 5 – 0, and it was a blast.  Here are some other “O” examples:  Olives, Outback Steakhouse, Ormond Beach, Ocean, Orange Juice and omelets – breakfast in bed, Origami, Organic Food, or use the color Orange to come up with more ideas. Finally, use a dictionary to look up other “O” words.  You’ll be surprised how many great ideas can come from a dictionary!
  2. Another way to use the age your spouse is turning is to write out a list of “that many” things you love about them.  Hallmark has some great cards, but you can’t beat one that is hand-written from the heart.  You can write each one on a separate piece of paper and have them open one each day for the days following their birthday.
  3. Rather than just give them their present, why not make a scavenger hunt out of it.  Mail them a clue…that leads them to the next clue and so on until they finally find it.
  4. Make a banner on the computer that says, “Honk, today is my birthday! – my spouse put this here!” and tape it to the rear bumper of your spouse’s car.   It may take a while for them to realize what you’ve done, but only after strangers have honked as they’ve driven in to work.
  5. Cook their favorite meal and let them choose the dessert – it doesn’t have to be cake.  My family actually prefers homemade pies.
  6. Make plans to fulfill a fantasy your spouse has had that you’ve never tried before – this can be lots of fun, and sure to be a favorite memory for years to come.
  7. Give them a basket of candy that can have a double (suggestive) meaning – like M & M’s (make-out and massage), Dove Promises (add your own messages), snickers, nips, peanut butter cups, skittles, red hots, sweettarts, etc.  Then, write a letter that incorporates these words in it.  Only don’t write the name of the candy…put a blank with a corresponding number written above it.  Each candy is wrapped up with the number as to where it belongs in the letter.  As your spouse reads the letter they must open that numbered candy to fill in the blank.  For example:  Dear ____1_________,  It has been too long since I’ve made you ________2_________.  You are one _______3________ lover and I _________4___________ you tonight will be one you’ll never forget.  (Answers: 1=sweettart, 2=snicker, 3=red hot, 4=promise (Dove).)

I know this post is long, but I hope it gives some practical ideas as to how to make a birthday romantic and fun!

Tom, I absolutely love blessing you on your birthday.  I pray that today you will sense God’s blessing in unexpected ways and that He will add many more years to your life.  After all you are the one who has added so much life to my years!  I love you immeasurably.  Happy Birthday Baby!

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Tom and Debi have been sharing encouragements through their blogs for many years. Marriage, Reading God's Word and documenting family history is our focus. Growing in our relationship with the Lord is primary in all we say, write or do. We are grateful for all who desire to join us in the same endeavors.
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