The Letter “U”


I love the internet for so many reasons…but here’s one in particular;  I remember when my children were little and loved watching Sesame Street, that Smokey Robinson sang his song “You Really Got A Hold On Me”.  It was as entertaining for me as it was educational for my children.  Knowing we were doing the letter “U” this week, I wondered if I could find this video on You Tube – Voila!  I did!!  We thought this would be an appropriate way to get you motivated for this Unusual Letter of the Alphabet.  Enjoy!


University – go to a local university ball game.  Always lots of excitement and fun. Be sure to yell at the “Ump”.  🙂

Ultimate Date – plan an evening that is full of everything your spouse loves – A personal “Utopia” of sorts.

Umbrella Date – Plan a picnic under an umbrella.  Make iced drinks with umbrellas (virgin blends if you’re in a park), and read portions of “My Utmost For His Highest”, by Oswald Chambers to each other out loud.

Underwater Date – visit a local aquarium, go snorkeling or swim with the dolphins.  Whatever you’re budget and location will allow.  This can be quite a memory.  Don’t forget your “Underwater Camera”.

Undress each other and celebrate your “Union” as husband and wife.

Uphold your marriage vows.  Take an evening and reread your marriage vows to one another.  Recommit to “Uphold” them “Until death do you part.”

U.S. Armed Forces – pick a division and celebrate by watching movies from that branch.  If you have access wear a “Uniform” to add to the theme.

“Up” the movie!  A great way to enjoy an evening at home.


Udine – a city in northeastern Italy.  Plan a romantic dinner at home with the homestyle food from this unspoiled region of Italy.

U.S.A. – pick a region of America and enjoy dining on their specialties.  For example: New England, New Orleans, Tex-Mex, Heartland, etc.  Better yet, I think we’ll explore this idea once we finish the Alphabet Date series.

Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

Urban Flats Restaurant


Ukelele Music – This is an unusual instrument, but as you see in this video it can be very romantic.

Ulta – Let your wife go shopping at this mega beauty store in preparation for your “U” date.  Consider letting her get an “Updo” for a formal evening out on the town.

Undone – Make it a point to finish something that has gone “undone” for a long time.  Write a note announcing your “U” Date.

UPS – ship a special surprise of  “Underwear” to your spouse.  This one is sure to be “Unexpected”.

Upon A Time stories.   If you’re creative why not write a special “Once Upon A Time” story for your spouse explaining your “U” date.

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