Mirroring God’s Image

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To Mirror God’s Image

Genesis 1:27
And God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Hanging in my mother’s bedroom is a photograph of the Grand Teton Mountains. I gave her that 8×10-inch enlargement after photographing the Tetons from the edge of Jenny Lake.The morning I took that picture, Jenny Lake was like a mirror. If you take the photo and turn it upside down you can’t tell which mountains are real and which are a reflection.

When I look at that picture, I think of God’s first purpose for marriage: to mirror His image. To “mirror” God means to reflect Him; to magnify, exalt and glorify Him. A successful marriage between two committed Christians provides a tangible model of God’s love to a world that desperately needs to see who He is.

Because we’re created in the image of God, people who wouldn’t otherwise know what God is like should be able to look at us and get a glimpse of Him. People are never more like God than when they love one another and remain committed to each other despite their flaws.

But what happens if you toss a stone into that perfect reflection? My good friend and colleague Dave Sunde told me he once visited Jenny Lake on that same kind of clear, still day. He watched a boy skip a small stone across the placid water and immediately the perfect reflection of the mountains was distorted. God’s image, His reflection, is distorted when a husband or wife allows sin to enter his or her life or relationship. Your marriage represents God; protect it from the “stones”-the sin-that will distort His image.


That God will help you keep your “mirror” polished and clear, so His image will be reflected in the way your family lives.

Date Night Discussion: When people look at your marriage, how do they see an example of God’s love? What would people learn about God from your marriage?

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