Freebie Friday: Master Bedroom Redux “deux”

This is week “deux” (two) of our simple bedroom makeover.   Our goal is to refresh and romanticize our master bedrooms in time for Valentine’s Day.  If you’re just now joining us you won’t want to miss our first post.  We are giving simple steps to accomplish each week in order to reclaim your own space in time to romance your spouse.  The best part?  It won’t cost a dime!  As a bonus I found these helpful tips from Martha Stewart on making a perfect bed.

This week we’re focusing on deep cleaning.  It’s easy to overlook because most of us leave our rooms in the morning and don’t return until we’re exhausted and barely crawl under the covers to sleep.  We rarely “see”, much less “remove” the dust bunnies and hidden cob webs.

Here is a quick tip list on how to clean your room in 15 minutes.  Now, certainly this depends on how badly it is in need of cleaning, but you get the idea.  Making this a weekly practice will guarantee your room will stay clean and organized.

Assignment #2:  Click on the two links above and glean as much information as you need in order to motivate you to get started.  Make a list of what tips you need to implement in your own personal space.  Complete your list.  Continue to make your bed correctly and every day!  We’re working on making this a habit – the more we do it the faster we’ll become at completing the task.  Once you’ve finished this assignment take a step back and breathe deeply.  There’s nothing quite as rewarding as job well done – and you can’t beat the smell of clean!

Finally, let us hear from you!  We love to be encouraged by others and the more we have to cheer us on, the easier the task will be.

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