Project 52: Interrupted

Life has been different lately.  Our normal routine has been interrupted by unavoidable things;  Some remodeling, a prolonged sickness and a wonderful celebration allowing us to babysit our grandchildren, to mention just a few.  Needless to say, we probably won’t be having our normal date night this week. But, we have a lifetime to have dates.  This is what life is made of – interruptions. And we’ve learned to adjust as needed.

In the midst of all this – we bought a new computer which added another long list of things to my already full To Do List.  One in particular is going through all my old Word files and deleting the ones I no longer need.  In doing so, I happened upon an article I wrote a month after our son was married in 2006.  Since he and his wife just celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary last week – I’ve decided to share with you how that season of change affected me.

One thing is certain in marriage – constant change is here to stay!  We can’t expect life to always go the way we think it should.  If we do, we will be very disappointed or worse – angry and bitter.   Instead, we must embrace life as God wills it. Here is my article where God helped me do just that – embrace change:


The expiration date said June 25, 2006.

I have never had to notice this part of the orange juice carton, that is, until now.  My 24 year old son, who loves orange juice so much that he drinks a large glass of it every morning on his way to work, married his beautiful bride on June 3, 2006.  That was 4 weeks ago, and I have to throw away something because he no longer lives here; this is no longer the place he calls home.  I couldn’t be more thrilled, yet why am I crying?

I have prayed for years that my children would grow up to love the Lord and to love the local church.  They do!  I have prayed that they would love being a part of our family and call us not only their parents, but their friends.  They do!  I have prayed for the day to see them fall in love and marry their best friend.  Two of them have!

So, why am I crying over spoiled orange juice?

The answer is obvious, because I have loved being a mother of a house full of little children, and those days are over.    I loved being a mom of teenagers full of life and activity, and that season is over.  Now that my three children are in their twenties, I love watching God reveal His plan for their lives.  He will be faithful now as He has been faithful in the past.

I am learning that God has many surprises for me throughout my lifetime.  Some I’ve anticipated and others were unexpected blessings.  Whether I realize it or not, God is at work in every moment of every day.  Change is hard, but change is so good!  It pushes me out of my normal routines and makes me embrace something new.  He used a carton of orange juice to remind me of what used to be.

Suddenly, I have an overwhelming desire to go to Publix and be different – I think I’ll buy some Pomegranate juice I hear it’s good for you, and my youngest daughter really loves it! 🙂

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Through the Grapevine:

What changes are you facing in your marriage right now?  Were they expected or unexpected?  How have you adjusted your schedule and/or marriage to meet the demands these changes require?  Are you communicating your thoughts and concerns with your spouse?

We would love to hear from you!

Also, Project 52 is a challenge to romance your spouse for 52 weeks beginning whenever you want.  It’s easy and Simply Modern Moms has made it fun – push the button below for all the details!

About Debi Walter

Face it, marriage is hard work. But when cultivated daily the fruit produced will satisfy for a lifetime. We're here to help with ideas and encouragement along the way. Having been married 40 years and counting, we share what we've learned with practical tips, Biblical Truths, Date night ideas to help you plow your own vineyard for God's glory.
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7 Responses to Project 52: Interrupted

  1. Kristy Pizzarello says:

    Great post 🙂 Its refreshing to see that even you get busy sometimes and dates have to get postponed just like the rest of us! But you have a strong foundation, that you adjust for the moment and then pick right back up where you left off. My work schedule has temporarily changed to the point that our family has been almost turned upside down (I work during the dinner hour 5-7pm). Joe and I have really had to rely on one another and tackle the problem as team. (Its really hard though when I am on my own the nights he has work late!) It just makes me appreciate him more! We are getting through this summer and supporting each other at the same time. Your site has provided little reminders of encouragement for him, which has benefited both of us! Thank you! 🙂


    • Debi Walter says:

      Kristy – Thanks for commenting! Yes, we do have a strong foundation in our marriage thanks to the excellent teaching we’ve had through the years, and God’s amazing grace. We’re glad that through this difficult season you are appreciating each other more. Maybe that’s the reason God allows such seasons in our lives. Take care!


  2. Ashley Walter says:

    I remember reading this article shortly after you wrote it. It made me cry this time. I guess having children of my own changed my perspective. It’s a great reminder to enjoy every minute I have with my girls. I still can’t believe Bristol will be 3 on Friday!! She’ll be married with a family of her own before I know it, won’t she? 🙂


    • Debi Walter says:

      Yes, she will! And hopefully I’ll be right there crying with you at her wedding! Let’s pray now for who her husband will be! I did for Jason’s wife when he was Bristol’s age and look how He answered my prayer? I love you!!! 🙂


  3. Tiffany says:

    how nice to babysit grandchildren. we all have weeks like that. thanks for sharing with us!
    tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}


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