Freebie Friday: Fresh Motivation

We have discovered many great blogs on the internet devoted to strengthening marriages for God’s glory.  We have become virtual friends with some of them, sharing the same passion for the covenant love of marriage. They excel in providing fresh motivation to keep our home fires burning.  Here is a short list of blogs we recommend for you to check out when you can:

And finally we want to highlight one blog in particular:

Lori Lowe, with Marriage Gems introduced us to a new song on her post yesterday that is soon to be released by Andrew Peterson.  It’s about celebrating 15 years of marriage, but the message speaks to all of us.  I, (Debi), just finished watching it for the first time, and the tears flowed realizing the Truth he has so creatively captured in song.  We think this will encouraged you to continue, “Dancing In The Minefields”, as the title of the song so aptly describes marriage.  Here is one verse:

We bear the light of the Son of Man, so there’s nothing left to fear

So I’ll walk with you in the Shadowlands ’til the shadows disappear

Cause He promised not to leave us and His promises are true.

So in the face of all this chaos, baby, I can dance with you.

Enjoy the song and be sure to watch it to the end – the last part is the best! Have a great weekend whether you’re sailing or dancing!

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5 Responses to Freebie Friday: Fresh Motivation

  1. Debi Walter says:

    Medana says:
    Oh I loved this! Jonathan and I were young (very young;) and we bought our rings from a pawn shop and we celebrated thirteen years this past marchJ Thank you for sharing!


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  4. I love it! I played this for my husband for this week’s date & when it ended, he hit “play” again & danced to it with me 🙂 (and he’s normally not into dancing!)


    • Debi Walter says:

      Don’t you love it when our husband surprises us in moments like these? Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you had a sweet moment together on your date!



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