Raining Romance

It is raining outside as I write this post.  I have always loved the rain – the gentle shower as well as the violent storm.  God expresses His love and care for the earth with the shower, and He reminds us of His majesty and power in the storm.

Tonight it is a gentle shower, but there is thunder rolling in the distance.  It’s like an echo whispering of God’s ever present power to water the earth however He chooses.

In the same way God cares for the earth, He is at work caring for our marriages.  The fact that you are taking the time to read a blog about it shows your desire to learn and grow.  Flowers left to themselves would wither and die.  They have no desire nor ability to pursue the rain.  The rain must come to them.

We are unlike the flowers of the field.

God has given us the ability to think, reason and learn.  We can seek out the rain when we are going through a dry season.  We can soak up the rich water of His Word to remind us of why we got married in the first place.  We can change and become more passionate about our spouse even if years of indifference have left our hearts feeling cold and unromantic.

How?  How is change possible?  One raindrop at a time.

If you have not pursued your spouse romantically in a long time and the thought of doing so makes you nervous, then read on!  You don’t have to plan an elaborate night away, or extend yourself way beyond what seems natural.  Start with one rain drop.  Here are a few for you to consider:

  • Write a personal note and mail it to them.
  • Find your wedding picture and place it your spouse’s dresser saying, “I still do!”
  • Rub your spouses neck after a long day.  When you finish kiss the same spot.
  • Talk to them about your desire to change and what they would like to see change too.  While you’re at it – ask them what romance means to them.

Following such simple gestures are sure to water the dry soil of romance in your marriage.  There are seeds waiting to come alive in your hearts towards each other and each drop you absorb will be refreshing to you and fruitful for those who are following after you.  You see, the way we love our spouse isn’t only for our pleasure or for God’s glory, but it’s also for the generations who are following after us.  They are watching to see if marriage God’s way really works.   God will help us prove the answer is a thundering YES!

So, is it raining romance in your heart?

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