Project 52: The Taulbees Visit France

Ooh La La!  Today’s post is by our dear friend Vicki Taulbee who excels at romancing her husband.  In case you missed it, we first introduced you to her on this post.  (NOTE: we now post her date the first Tuesday following the 22nd of the month).  She is doing a Passport Date once a month where she surprises her husband (Jeff) with a night to a different country.  She is quite creative, not to mention fun, fun, fun!  We know you’re going to enjoy today’s post as much as all the others. So with out further adieu – here’s Vicki:

Bonjour Mon Ami!

Yes…you guessed it, our adventures took us to France this month.

When thinking of what to plan for this date, there were so many directions that I could have gone.

  • Recreating a French Bistro at home
  • cooking a French meal together and watching a French film
  • Getting my hair done in a French Twist and getting a French manicure (Okay….maybe that one was more for me! 🙂 ).  As it turned out, we had another opportunity to actually go out for our date so this is what we did:

Once again our evening began in the dining room of our home.  I decorated the table with a white tablecloth, a map of France and some blue, white and red construction paper to reflect the national flag.  I also picked up a french baguette and goat cheese from the store and added it to the table.  Hmmmm a chilled bottle of Perrier would have been nice, but it was too late when I thought of it!

I added some french clipart to the “passport”  that I’ve used all year and presented it to my husband as he entered the dining room.  French cafe music was playing on the computer thanks to Pandora ( suggestions based on).  If you are not familiar with the site, its a free internet radio station that allows you to to pick your own music and makes styles or artist that you prefer.  I really like it!

After our bread and cheese appetizers, we headed out to our destination. Le Cordon Bleu has a cooking school in Orlando and within the school is a restaurant called Machon.  It’s completely student run and part of the curriculum requires cooking and serving in the restaurant.

We have never been to this restaurant or the school, so it was a totally new experience for both of us.  As it turned out, it was a great one.  It was 5-star dining at a fraction of the 5-star price.  We had a wonderful time.  Our student waitress was fantastic and ended up giving us a tour of the school.  The cakes made of blown sugar were absolutely stunning!

We talked and laughed together over dinner and ate so much great food that we ended up skipping our plans to go to a local coffee shop for French Pressed coffee and Le Choco Fondant ( a fancy French name for brownies!).

Don’t you love the opportunity to experience new things with your spouse?  What a blessing to have each other!

…….and yes, we did end the night with some sweet smooches (in keeping with the theme of course! 🙂

Pepe le peu

Until next month,
Au Revoir!



Project 52 is the idea we discovered at the Simply Modern Mom blog.  It’s basically choosing to date your spouse one creative date at a time.  It’s not too late to join.  Simply click on the button below for all the details.

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3 Responses to Project 52: The Taulbees Visit France

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  2. A great creative date! Love the theme.


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