Sparkle Challenge #1

The beginning of July we started a challenge for the wives.  We called it the Sparkle Challenge encouraging the ladies to visit The Dating Divas blog for a great date idea (or come up with their own idea) with which to surprise their husband sometime over the course of a month.   We have two wives who shared their dates with us, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Today we hear a very creative date by Tracy, who happens to be our daughter :-).  She and Seth have been married for five years.  Enjoy!


For the July Sparkle Challenge I surprised my husband with a half-birthday party to mark the halfway point to his 30th birthday.

I sent out invitations.

  • We called it his 29.5 birthday party.  Half the letters were missing, half & half.

His half-birthday started with me taking him on an airboat ride with some friends.

  • Airboats can go on land and water, half & half.

We then went out to lunch.

  • Split a meal, half & half…

We came home and later that night I surprised him with a party:

  • Including friends old and new, half & half…

Our games all fit the half-birthday party theme.

  • We played 2 truths and a lie, half & half.
  • Girls vs. guys Catch Phrasehalf & half.
  • Half-court basketball, half & half.

Our desserts even fit the half & half theme.  I made:

  • Chocolate/vanilla cake, it was layered and cut in half, half & half.
  • Black and white cookies, half & half.

  • We drank passion tea/lemonade, black tea/lemonade and coffee with half & half, all half & half.

Overall, I think he was very surprised with his 29.5 half-birthday party.  We had a blast and made many fun memories.  I think this might become a tradition!  😉


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