Sparkle Challenge #2

Today meet Danny and Nikki who came up with a very creative and fun date for her husband:

Fire and Ice Date

Dinner: Homemade Red Hot Buffalo Wings served with Ice Cold Salads with tomato and cucumber from our garden!

Dessert: Ice Cream on Hot Fudge Brownies – too busy enjoying to take a picture!
Entertainment: Don’t Break the Ice while eating Hot Tamales

Our date warmed up with dinner, and then we headed out doors to get really heated up by working out.

After our workouts, we took showers and got dressed up for our second half of the date. We had to look HOT! Well, that lead to other things… and we cooled off by having our dessert and playing Don’t Break the Ice. Danny had never played before! We had a lot of fun. It was a great kick off to having date nights in again… it’s kinda hard to have date nights in when you have company!

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