Harvest Time

We have one winery nearby in a small town called Clermont just west of Orlando.  Lakeridge Winery had their annual Grape Stomp Harvest this past weekend.  We’ve always wanted to go, but haven’t been able to yet.  However, a good friend, who also happens to be a great photographer, was there on Saturday, and her pictures speak one truth loud and clear; harvest time is messy!  Here are a few of our favorite pics:

Photo by Steph Lightfoot

It’s true that harvest time can be fun and profitable, but we often miss the fact that it can be messy.  We become discouraged when we’re in the middle of crushing “issues” or “sin patterns” in our marriages, yet harvest is just around the corner.  Don’t give up – keep crushing and before long there will be a shelf full of rich wine from which to draw lasting nourishment.

God has promised to help us in our weakness.  He will give us strength to endure hardship and embrace the discipline necessary to reap the rewards.  The question is are we sleeping in the vineyard, or standing in the barrels ready to roll up our sleeves and work!

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