Project 52: Tom’s Turn

This week Tom planned our date, and it was great!

First, we got in the car, and he knew exactly where we were going.  I know I’ve said it before, but I LOVE it when he has a plan.  It’s romantic – mwah!

Second, we drove to one of my favorite malls – The Mall at Millenia.  A place where I rarely go since it’s quite a drive.

Photo by Waymark

Third, we ate dinner at Brio Tuscan Grill, one of my favorite Italian restaurants.  He chose a table for us on the patio overlooking the mall entrance.  We sat French-style at our table for two.  What is French-style, you ask?  Sitting side-by-side, facing the people.  This is fun for two reasons, we can touch each other (always a plus!), and we get a great view of the changing scenery (the people).

Both were great, although I won’t elaborate on the first one – but the second one?  Ah, this is where the fun began.  We paid attention to the couples entering and exiting the mall to see which men would open the door for the women in their party.  It was quite revealing!

Tom and I would try to guess the men who would be gentlemen, only to see the woman with him unresponsive to his kindness.  Other times, the women would expect the door to be opened for them and the men totally missed the chance.  One time a little boy opened the door for his Mama.  Now that one made me smile!  There were couples who hit the door at the same time, yet chose to walk out separately through their own doors.  There were women who opened the door for the men.  And there was one man who walked through first and kept walking without looking back once to see if his wife/girlfriend made it through okay.

It made me grateful for a husband who cares for me with such a simple, yet kind gesture.  I love it when he opens my door.  Although, I must confess, as we were leaving our church service on Sunday, he opened the door for me, and I almost walked out a separate door!

I caught myself just in time, and it’s a good thing…You never know who may be watching and taking note or worse, writing a blog post about it!  🙂

Tell us, do you open the door for your wife?  Wives, do you allow your husband this privilege?

Want to join Project 52?  It’s a way to romance your spouse one simple date at a time thought up by Tiffany at Simply Modern Mom.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something you’ll both enjoy.  We could have had this great date anywhere – without the dinner.  People watching can be quite fun and relaxing!  Click the button below for all the details about this challenge!

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Face it, marriage is hard work. But when cultivated daily the fruit produced will satisfy for a lifetime. We're here to help with ideas and encouragement along the way. Having been married 40 years and counting, we share what we've learned with practical tips, Biblical Truths, Date night ideas to help you plow your own vineyard for God's glory.
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6 Responses to Project 52: Tom’s Turn

  1. My hubby still opens doors for me.


  2. Kristy says:

    He does… for the most part! But I have to say we love Brio (we always go to WP since its closer to us)…that’s where we went on first date (and the night Joe proposed to me!) So it holds a special place in our heart!


  3. Sandy says:

    My husband loves it when we eat side by side-by-side and he always opens doors for me. He doesn’t like it if I get out of the car without waiting for him to open the door. Best of all, my boys have picked up on his example and they always open doors for their sisters and me. They would never let a lady open her own door if they could get there in time to do it for her.


  4. cheree says:

    Very interesting observations. It is easy to get comfortable and not think about letting your guy open the door for you.


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