Project 52: Meeting Halfway

This week we did something we rarely do on date night; we met some friends for dinner.  However, these friends weren’t friends we see everyday because they live 2 hours away from us.

Mike and Cindy Gilland

We miss them dearly.  We used to be neighbors, but they moved about 8 years ago – still hard to believe.  Yet our hearts are still connected to them like family.  It doesn’t matter how much time passes when we’re apart, once we’re together we pick right up where we left off.  Amazing!

We decided it was time to have a double date and meet each other halfway, which happened to be in the little town of Bellview, FL.  We found a Sonny’s BBQ and enjoyed talking, laughing and reminiscing.  It was a perfect night which we didn’t want to end.  If it weren’t for Sonny’s closing their doors, we might still be there talking. We had such a good time, we’ve decided to make this a regular date every couple of months.  An added bonus was Tom and I had an hour each way to talk while driving.

Do you have lifelong friends you miss?  Why not make your own plans to spend an evening together, even if it’s only by phone.  There’s no friend like an old friend!


Interested in a weekly date night challenge?  Why not join Project 52.  You’ll discover dates don’t have to be expensive, only purposeful and meaningful.  Click the button for all the details!

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2 Responses to Project 52: Meeting Halfway

  1. Sharon O says:

    I love this idea. We have friends we have known for 30 years. We have been married 36 years. One of my friends went to junior high with me and we talk often these are dear friends who are a part of our lives. Our history as a couple. We were in each others weddings and prayed for children to be born and now grand children.
    We do need to also make time for ourselves. It seems that with jobs, grandchildren, and elderly parents it is not often easy to carve out ‘time’ for us.
    Thank you for the reminder.


  2. StephanieJ says:

    I love this! I am so glad you guys got together! At first, I was wondering why my dad was wearing a scarf when you met up with them…then I realized that this was from your trip together (not from dinner last week!) ha!
    Thanks for being such good, faithful friends to my parents! 🙂


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