A Date With Eternity

Photo: The Review Lady

Today would normally be our guest post by Vicki Taulbee.  She has been sharing with us all year her monthly “Passport” Date with her husband, Jeff.   But this month her date was interrupted by a Date with Eternity:

Well, our “travels” this month took us somewhere we certainly never expected to go.  My husbands mother passed away very suddenly this week.  She was a wonderful, kind, and generous woman who, 5 years ago, welcomed me into her family with open arms.

Because we she lived within 30 minutes of our home and since my husband and I had the privilege of having her youngest grandchildren,  she made frequent visits.  We loved it…… and so did our kids.  Running out to the driveway when they saw her car pull in and yelling “OMA!” (German for grandmother) was a regular occurrence.  Not to mention the subsequent question…..”Do you have any treats?”

Its been a whirlwind of a week.  Making difficult phone calls, planning, crying.  Yet, in the kindness of God and His amazing providence, He allowed Jeff and I to go out to dinner alone together.  The couple that was scheduled to babysit for us followed through with the plans and came to watch the kids one night.  It was a MUCH needed break.  Especially for Jeff.  It was an evening of catching up on details and final plans.  But we also reminisced about funny memories of “Oma”, read a few incredibly inspiring entries from her diary about her love for God and talked about the brevity of this life we have been given.  In the grand scheme of things, it really is a short life but my mother-in-law’s example of love, sacrifice, joy and gratitude reflected the heart of the God whom she served.  He is the ultimate example and because she loved Him and served Him, He made her like Himself, and she gave His love away to others.

It’s hard to loose people that you love.  It’s hard to watch my husband grieve and know that he will need to walk much of this road without me.  But our hope is in a loving God who never leaves us or forsakes us.  By His strength  I’ll learn a bit more about how to love, grieve with, serve and care for my husband in the coming days and learn to cherish each day that I have the privilege to be his wife.

As a tribute to this godly woman, we share with you James Smith’s essay on Heaven.  May it encourage you as we prepare to celebrate another Thanksgiving with our family and friends!

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1 Response to A Date With Eternity

  1. Sharon O says:

    I am so sorry … a loss any time is difficult and when it is around the holidays it is even more difficult. Praying for the situation.


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