A Fragrant Aroma: 100 Joys – Week 2

My journal is my heart on paper.

It is the place where I write what is on my heart each day.  At times I am rejoicing and other times I’m lamenting to God in prayer.  Always I am listening with my pen hoping to hear a word that will speak to me where I am.  Most of the time I am not disappointed.  God speaks, if I am willing to listen.  So here is what I wrote this morning:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My hunt for joy – 100 joys – this month has been a lot like hunting for deer.  I have to be quiet and listen for it.  Whole herds of joy are all around me, but if I’m hurried or too busy to notice, it all blends into the background, like a camouflaged deer.   Thank you, Father, for helping me see joy as simply J=Just, O=Offering, M=Myself to the circumstances I’m facing for Your glory.  This isn’t hard when the joy exudes from something or someone I like.  But when I am facing circumstances I don’t like, my prayer isn’t usually to stay around long enough to see the joy.  It’s usually “Get me outta here!”  Father, You hide joy for me in every circumstance I face.  It is the little flower hiding among great thorns.  I can smell it before I see it and it draws me to carefully bend on my knees to reach for it.  Help me see the joy you have hidden for me today, Lord.

Later in the day, the Lord reiterated this word picture.  I was with my Mom having lunch at The Olde Cup and Saucer Tea Room when I noticed the art on the wall by local artist, Bob Dipilato.  It looked like a tea cup from a distance, but up close I could see the bigger picture was made with teeny, tiny little pictures that made up the whole.

It was unbelievable, and it spoke to my heart about Joy.  How often I am so focused on the big issues of my life I miss the small joys God is trying to communicate to my heart.  Silently, I thanked Him for helping me remember and apply this thought to my daily circumstances.   He is wanting me to see the Joy set before me, like His Son did.  He was willing to despise the shame and glorify His Father in the worst of circumstances.  The joy set before Christ was US!  He wanted to redeem US to His Father.  This is the foundation of all the Joy in the World – Christ With Us!

With this thought I am u.n.d.o.n.e. and grateful beyond words.  So this is the perfect time to share my continued list of joys I’ve noticed this past week.  I pray you have been noticing much joy in your own life:

23. Spontaneous laughter

24.  Count it all joy when you face various trials for it produces steadfastness!  (Tom)

25. Helping hands cleaning up a big mess.

26.  The chat box popping up with a greeting from a good friend.  Bringing her closer to my heart.

27. Finding the perfect gift at the perfect price with free shipping!  🙂

28.  Calling my mom’s cell phone and hearing her voice on the other end.

29.  Volunteering with a neighbor to decorate our entrance way for Christmas.

30.  Encouraging a young couple who just got engaged.  Sharing in their joy brought me great joy!

31.  Watching the expressions on several friend’s faces (at my husband’s work Christmas party) as they were being commended on a job well done!

32.  Hanging Christmas lights and realizing the patience displayed while untangling the mass of string is truly an evidence of God’s grace in my life.

33.  C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E.

34.  Seeing a friend in the store who lost her son last New Year’s Eve.  Hearing her speak of his first birthday in Heaven, brought me joy in seeing her grieve with hope.  Amazing!

35.  Spending time fixing dinner for my niece who’s daughter was sick.

36.  Pink tutus on little girlies.

37.  Buying lunch for the stranger behind me in the drive-thru of Backyard Burger.

38.  Knowing God is working His good will in the lives of my family.

39.  Seeing an elderly gentlemen who’s electric wheelchair fell off the rack in heavy traffic and a young man stopping to help him.

40.  Christmas shopping with my husband.

41.  Sharing Peppermint Mochas on a cold night.

42.  Reading God’s Word and having it speak to my soul.

43.  Having tea with my Mom.

44.  Giving surprise gifts to grateful children.

45.  Giving surprise gifts to lifelong friends.

46.  Restored marriages that nearly ended in divorce.

47.  Realizing that joy can be found when I simply J=Just, O=Offer, M=Myself in any given situation for God’s glory.  He orchestrates every circumstance that comes my way.  Realizing this makes it easier to surrender to His all-knowing plan.

48.  Gifts delivered to my doorstep I ordered a week ago!

49.  Writing in my journal.

50.  Glee, The Christmas Album

51.  Chestnuts hot out of the oven!


This project is the idea of Sarah Markley, The Best Days of My Life blog.  If you would like to join us it’s simple.  Just start keeping track of your 100 joys this month, and link up to her blog each Monday.

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  1. John Panzella says:

    “You hide joy for me in every circumstance I face.” Oh so rich, thank you friend.


  2. i’m very partial to 36, 46 and 50. among others. LOVE this. I love your list. thank you so much for participating. =)


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