100 Joys – Week 4

We pray you have enjoyed celebrating Christmas with your family.  We had an amazing time filled with all sorts of mixed emotions.  Yet through it all we experienced great joy.  We continue recording it as we find it…

70.    Joy when I don’t feel happy.  Like watching my friend sign papers tying her to a new city and state.  Not happy, but filled with joy knowing they are following God’s will.
71.     Knowing my prayers are heard by my Father in Heaven.
72.    Giving of ourselves to those in need.
73.    Driving away from our good friend’s home for the last time who will be moving away this week.  There is joy to be found in such sadness.  I would have missed it had I not been looking.  It was in the looks given without words.  Those agreements and memories which bind friends together for a lifetime – 24 years to be exact.
74.     Open homes in our neighborhood on a luminary-lit sidewalk.  Gathering together as neighbors to bring some joy, cheer and a cup of steaming hot wassail!

75.     Books – all kinds of books available for us to read.  What joy is found between two covers inviting us to consider our ways and change for the good.
76.     Capturing the perfect moment on my camera.

My mom enjoying my two granddaughters

77.     Those special moments with Tom only he knows about!  🙂  Yeah, there’s real JOY there – but NO pictures!
78.     Giving encouragement to long time friends.
79.     Reading God’s Word in my personal devotions only to hear a message the same day on the same passage.
80.     Welcoming a new pastor to our church, caring for their two-year old daughter in Sunday School and realizing we will watch her grow up here.  Joy anticipated…
81.     Planning weddings with dear friends and their grown children. Entering into their Joy brings us great joy!

82.  Hugging and comforting my crying granddaughter.

83.  Praying together with another couple as we are standing in their brand new, yet empty home, asking for God’s blessing on all the memories that will be made there.

This is part of the Finding 100 Joys Project from Sarah Markley’s blog – The Best Days Of My Life.  It has been an incredible journey, and one for which we thank God!

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1 Response to 100 Joys – Week 4

  1. Tammy says:

    This is very encouraging! I think it would be good for my Tom and I to do for our end-of-year remembrance. Thanks for doing this. 🙂


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