Project 52: The Taulbees Take An “Unexpected Turn”

Today we share with you Vicki Taulbee’s final Passport Date idea for this year.  Hasn’t it been a wonderful journey to see how one couple has implemented creative dates into their normal routine?  We pray you have been inspired to think “out of the box” when it comes to dating your spouse!  If you’ve missed these excellent posts, we’ve added a link to each one at the bottom of today’s post. Take time to read them, better yet, why not commit in 2011 to follow their example?  Their ideas would work in any location, you simply have to  do a little research and plan.  As always, we’re here to help if you need it!  Now here’s their post:


This month our travels took another unexpected turn.  For our year end travel date, I had originally planned for Jeff and I to spend the day at Epcot.  However, with the unexpected passing of my mother-in-law, our plans changed.  Instead,  we spent that day with family as we helped clean her condo.  It was certainly not what anyone would have chosen to do, but since we already had a babysitter in place for our kids, it really worked out well for us. We were able to work alongside Jeff’s siblings as we laughed, cried and reminisced about “Mutti”.  I was really thankful that I could be there with Jeff and support him in this way.

Jeff's Mom - "Mutti"

That evening the two of us went out to dinner and then went shopping for Jeff’s Christmas present.  I had anticipated this gift all year and was really excited we had a chance to do this together.

Prior to the evening, I had given Jeff this note:

Each month of this year
I’ve slowly removed
A few of our dollars
That we’ve budgeted for food.

I don’t think we’ve missed it.
We’ve seemed to survive
But I trust you’ll forgive me
When the purpose if realized.

For when Winter winds blow
And they bring cooler weather
Please Use the dollars and purchase
Your jacket of leather.

I love you honey!!!

During winter, last year, Jeff mentioned in passing that he would like to have a leather jacket.  So with the cash in hand, we were able to purchase a really nice jacket.  He loves it, and I think it looks great on him!!!

As it turns out, we were able to go out on a second date this month since some kind and generous friends offered to babysit for us!  Jeff and I ended up going out with another couple and enjoyed some of our favorite cuisine…..Thai!

Wow!  I cant believe our year of “traveling” has come to an end!  What a great year full of adventures and new experiences.  It was worth every effort to make time with Jeff fun and enjoyable.  God has been so good to provide.  From creative ideas to  grace for unexpected changes…..from babysitters to the finances available.  It has all come from Him, and our prayer is that through it all we’ve been able to grow in our marriage for the Glory of God.

Thanks for traveling with us!  The best part of “traveling” this way?  No unpacking!  🙂


Jeff and Vicki’s Passport Dates:

Project 52 is the brain child of Tiffany at Simply Modern Mom.

It began one year ago and has been a wonderful challenge to date your spouse one night a week for an entire year!  We finished and had a great time together.  Special thanks to Tiffany for opening up this challenge to us!

Next year we are going to continue in this vein with a “once a month” challenge beginning in January.  We’re working on all the details, so stay tuned!  We’ll clue you in when it’s time!

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