Mark Your Calendar

Welcome to 2011.

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As husbands and wives, it’s a fresh start.  For God it’s simply one more day in the life He’s called us to faithfully live.  He has a plan for every day, and as married couples He has a plan for our relationship to grow and mature.  The choices we make each day will either say “yes” or “no” to His plan.  Although most of us probably never blatantly tell God NO, when we choose to do one thing, we must ask ourselves what we won’t be able to do as a result.

For example, when I decide to go out with my friends, I am saying no to spending time with my family.  When I decide to take a nap, I am saying no to my “honey-do” list.  It’s all a matter of priorities, in every choice we make.  The point in all this is  not that naps or going out with friends are bad, but to be mindful of what you’re saying yes and no to, and be sure to discuss it with each other.  Doing so will keep your communication together open and will most certainly avoid unnecessary conflict.

In case you are planning to go out with your lovely bride – here’s what’s happening around town this week:


  • Winter Park – Winter In The Park – featuring ice skating each day all day.  Cost is $10 and includes skate rental.  Check site for times on specific days.
  • College Park Farmer’s Market – Thursday, January 6th from 5p. to 9p.  It’s all local and all handmade – FREE.



  • Clermont – Day In Florida History, Saturday, January 8th beginning at 9a.
  • Clermont – Lakeridge Winery presents the Winter Music Series every Saturday in the month of January from 1p – 4p.  FREE.
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