Come Away With Me

32 years ago today, I married my best friend. My thought at the time was I could never love her more than I did that day…I was wrong! Our love now has grown is so many ways, more intense, rewarding, intimate, mature, more trusting, caring, thoughtful and full of faith.

Has it all been easy? By no means, but it has been good! We have witnessed the faithful hand of our God to grow us in so many ways.

So today we continue our tradition of Debi planning Valentine’s Day and me planning our anniversary. I am whisking her away for some “special time” together for a few days. It will be a time just for us – without work, email, blogging, or Facebook. We will, by God’s grace, return next week fully refreshed and renewed.

How do you celebrate your anniversary?


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2 Responses to Come Away With Me

  1. Paul Byerly says:

    We have managed to get away for all 26 anniversaries (cheated on one when we had no money, sent the kids away and hid at home!). The last half dozen we have made more time, and planned less activity – giving us a lot of time to connect, talk, pray, and plan for the next year. This has been a huge blessing, and I strongly recommend it to every couple.


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