10 Hindrances To Cultivating A Romantic Vineyard

#6 – The Laziness Beast

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There are two kinds of lazy.

The first is one who appears very busy, but never has time to do the things of most importance.  They constantly put off romance simply because the schedule is too full.

This can be likened to a vineyard when the workers do everything to care for the vineyard except the vine itself.  How ridiculous would that be?  Isn’t the purpose of having a vineyard to produce quality grapes?  How will this happen if the winemaker busies himself with things that may be important, but not primary?

It is imperative that the winemaker keeps his objective in full view or his time will be whittled away by the little foxes – they spoil vines, you know!

The second kind of lazy is the one who has no motivation. The Bible calls them “sloths.”  Have you ever seen a sloth?  They are pathetically lazy and their laziness is contagious.  You’ve heard when one yawns everyone who sees it yawns in return.  Well, watch this video and see if doesn’t give you a clearer understanding of what it looks like to be slothful, but watch out – you may catch yourself yawning…

Being slothful towards romance can be likened to the vineyard keeper who lets the vineyard care for itself.  After all, buying the property was effort enough!  This is proof of his desire to grow quality vines, right?

It’s like the spouse who says, “I said I love you when we got married and if it changes, I’ll let you know!”  This is an extremely exaggerated comparison, we know, but don’t we say something to this effect when we fail to make plans?  Of course, we’re not saying date nights are the only way to romance your spouse effectively.  No, we’re talking a lifestyle of pursuing and making much of your spouse.  Letting them know by the way you treat them, talk to them and speak of them to others is like giving the vines your best attention.

Regular affection shared both publicly and privately are sure ways to keep the foxes at bay, the sloth awake and the vines healthy.

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So, how is the laziness beast being tamed in your relationship?  Are you busily lazy – or lazily lazy? Either one is spoiling what God intends for your marriage to be – a reflection of His love for us, and He’s never lazy!

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