10 Hindrances To Cultivating A Romantic Vineyard – Complete List + One More

As a help in referencing back to our most recent series – we’ve compiled this post with all the links in one place.  We pray you find it helpful:

Hindrance #1 – Unconfessed Sin

Hindrance #2 – Unrealistic Expectations

Hindrance #3 – Sickness

Hindrance #4 – Financial Pressure

Hindrance #5 – Wrong Motives

Hindrance #6 – The Laziness Beast

Hindrance #7 – Selfishness

Hindrance #8 – Friendships

Hindrance #9 – Busyness

Hindrance #10 – Critical Judgments

After the past couple of weeks, we realize there is one more hindrance worth mentioning:

Hindrance #11 – Life’s Changes

It’s true – think about a time in your own marriage when something drastic occurred changing your “normal.”  It’s in those uncertain moments when you’ve been tossed about on the waves of change, that romance is the last thing on your mind.  You are simply trying to touch bottom before the next wave hits.

This has been our experience of late, and romance has not really been on our “to-do” list.

We can think of other major changes where romance is often set aside:

  • having a baby
  • moving
  • death of a loved one
  • a new job
  • changing churches
  • divorce of close friends

All of these changes are common, and we have personally experienced most of them.  Each one was a growing time in our marriage, but difficult to endure.  Once on the other side our marriage was stronger and romance more enjoyable.  But we had to endure it –


Until is the word which always follows difficulty.  We wait in the hardship for God to reveal His plan, His purpose.  We wait until we see HIM.  Then the challenge the change brings doesn’t matter like it once did.  We are able to reconnect as husband and wife – the new norm settles into our routine, and it feels familiar.

What changes are you currently experiencing in your marriage?  Have you begun to see God in the midst of the change?  We pray you will.

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