Fragrant Aroma – 4 and 19

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This past week we had the opportunity to go to lunch with some friends who have been married a little over a year.  We love to spend time with newlyweds – they have an energy and eagerness to learn about marriage that is refreshing.  They asked about our relationship and the lessons we had learned through the years.  This question is usually answered with the following:

We have been married for 32 years – 30 of those happy ones.

We give each other a knowing smile remembering those two years (year 3 and 18) as if they were yesterday.  They ask more questions wanting to hear our story – including the specifics in an effort to glean from us what they can.  Something that used to make us uncomfortable has now become a joy because when we recall our story it isn’t about US and what WE did;  it’s about God and what He is doing.

After hearing the details they asked a question no one has ever asked us before, “So how were year 4 and 19?”

We literally had to ask them to repeat the question.  It was a great question., and it made us think long and hard of our answer.  Although we don’t remember the details of those two years as clearly as we do of the two years which proceed them, one thing we know – those two years were when God completely rerouted the direction of our marriage.  It was a correction worth making, even with all the heartache.  Had we not gone through it – who knows where we would be today.

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God in His mercy and kindness took our road, lifted it up and set it back down on a straight and narrow path.  Once things settled in place, the path those two years set in place led us to many years of a changed marriage with lasting fruit.  And we know it isn’t fruit of our own making – we’re simply allowing God to be all and do all He desires in our hearts.  As we respond to Him He makes all things beautiful, even two sinners who said, “I Do.”

So how do you view the years God has given you?  Are you experiencing the heartache of year 3 or the tremendous blessing of year 4?  Be encouraged God promises to be with us every day of every year, and He will never leave us!




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  1. Sharon O says:

    This is wonderful, we had several years that were ‘bad’ the worst was our 25th. I was looking into my own apartment realizing I could not live on what I made, we had silence alot between us. It was a dark season. I was taking a class on crisis pregnancy training to be a counselor to work with young mom’s in crisis. Our son gave us a happy 25th card and our daughter announced she was expecting, (not married~not planned). It was a life chaning moment. I wanted to be “a grandma” with a complete family heritage. A legacy to pass on. My daughter became my ‘project’. Long story edited. Faith Elizabeth was born almost 7 weeks early, weighing 2pds 11oz 17 inches long. Our daughter was in crisis the baby was in Nicu and we needed to be parents united together.
    We have been together through good times and bad and just had our 37th year anniversary. Six grandchildren later our ‘home’ is full of memories and a legacy to pass on.


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