What Is The Gospel?

And what does it have to do with my marriage?  Everything, that is if you’re a Christian.

Photo Credit: Trevin Wax

This is the week when the Gospel is front and center in the mind of every believer.  It is Easter week, and we rejoice!


The Gospel is more than one week remembered at Easter.  It is the power to live the life God has called us to live, both personally and in our marriages.  What is the Gospel?  John Piper tells us precisely what it is in 6 minutes.  Take time to listen and see if you remember:

C.J. Mahaney says we need to be reminded of the Gospel daily because we daily forget.  How true. So this week we remind you to think long and hard about how the Gospel has affected your life and your marriage.  And on Easter Sunday give thanks to God who has so generously made a way for your salvation when there was no way.

Apart from Christ we would have no hope for a strong marriage.  The Good News is Christ has indeed come and therefore we have HOPE.

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