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Gratefulness Abounds

This morning I awoke with the realization that the holidays are here. And not just in the stores–they don’t count since they began before Halloween; Our home is decked out for Christmas with a bit of Thanksgiving strewn about. We … Continue reading

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Five Friday Favorites – Mother’s Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day in the USA. It’s a day when we purpose to tell mom all the things we appreciate about her. Some buy flowers, send cards or cook her favorite meal. It’s a nice tradition meant to make … Continue reading

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The Resurrection And Marriage

Jesus Christ has risen! He has conquered death and the grave. This is the best of news to any who are looking to be set free from their patterns of sin and shame. Jesus is the answer. Why?  Because He … Continue reading

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Husband Appreciation Day

This day is specifically for husbands without children. Since fathers have Father’s Day, someone decided childless husbands needed their very own day too. We love to highlight all kinds of holidays, so this is one we had to share. Now … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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6 Last Minute Valentines Ideas To The Rescue

There are couples who go all out for Valentines Day because they enjoy it. Whether you spend a ridiculous amount of money to dine out with the crowds (hardly romantic in my humble opinion), or maybe you buy stereotypical gifts … Continue reading

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A Dozen Valentine Ideas 4 U

Valentine’s Day. Many people roll their eyes just thinking of it. You may think it hokey. You may think it a gimmick instigated by the card and chocolate industries to get you to part with your money. But what if … Continue reading

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Seven Romantic Quotes From (Can You Guess?)

When Tom and I first started dating he lived two and half hours away from me. Long-distance phone calls were very expensive inside the state, so we wrote each other often. We spent one anniversary reading through them, and it … Continue reading

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Try This With Your Married Friends For Valentine’s Day

The year was about 1990. Valentine’s Day was near, so we decided to celebrate with the couples in our Small Group. We had an older couple who was a part of our group from the beginning. They practiced hospitality to … Continue reading

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One Of My Favorite Things

I love discovering the story behind songs I love. Tor Constantino, a friend we have come to know through blogging, asked his FB friends to share their favorite Christmas Carol. I was surprised at how many chose my favorite song … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Defer and Prefer Your Spouse This Christmas

If you have managed to open this post, you most likely have a minute to spare this Christmas Eve. Congratulations! Let me encourage you in this minute to make the most of this time. Pause. Breathe. Remember why we celebrate … Continue reading

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Focus On Thanksgiving This Christmas

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for many reasons. The main one is it is the only holiday that isn’t bombarded with commercialism. Thanksgiving is the one day set aside where we pause and reflect on the blessings we have been … Continue reading

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It’s December – Enjoy

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Date Night Challenge 2018 – The Letter “X” – Xtra Special Advent Calendar

I love it when November has an extra week after Thanksgiving. It makes it easier to transition from one big holiday to the next. If you’re like us, it’s easy for our marriage to take a back seat to all … Continue reading

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Thank Full

As I write we are on the road heading to our daughter’s home for Thanksgiving. Much has changed in our lives over the past 10 years, and Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in the same way as we did for years! Parents … Continue reading

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Going, Not Knowing

On this Easter Sunday I’m reminded of another Easter. 1985. It was our last Sunday in the church where Tom and I met. This was the place where we had memorized so many scriptures because the senior pastor’s wife was … Continue reading

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Celebrating Easter – The Motivation For All We Do

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Anticipating What’s to Come

What a privilege it is to encourage you and your marriage to grow. It is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. When life requires our attention there is a constant struggle of wanting to give you our best, yet take … Continue reading

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3 Ways Easter Makes A Difference In Marriage

Easter is without a doubt the most important date on the calendar for Christians, because if there was no Easter, Christmas would have no meaning. But Easter occurred and this informs our marriage that we have hope. Hope that there … Continue reading

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Great Valentine’s Idea for Less than $12

You know I love Valentine’s Day. You know I love to surprise my husband. You know I love creative date ideas. I happened upon this blog at the recommendation of a friend, and I can’t tell you how much I love … Continue reading

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