Mullet Hunting We Will Go

Here’s a fun and FREE date night idea.  We got it on the 114 Date Night Ideas smart phone app.  Some of the ideas they offer are pretty generic, but they allow you to customize the dates for your own liking AND you can add date ideas of your own or ones you discover on our website.  🙂  Another feature we like about the app is you can shake your phone to pick a random date if you want the adventure without the pressure of having to choose.  This is how we determined which date to post about today.  We simply shook our iphone and “Mullet Hunt” came up – Voila!  To have a look, click their icon below:

So here are the details to have your very own Mullet Hunt – we’ve changed the rules a bit to make it more detailed and ioho – more fun.

Go to a hunting or fishing store like Bass Pro Shops and see how many mullet haircuts you can find.  (Not sure what a mullet looks like click here!) To add more challenge to the hunt add extra bonus points for those dressed in camouflage, those wearing hats or any other idea you think would be fun to hunt.

Be sure to bring your camera and see if you can’t catch a mullet in the background of your photo.  If you manage to do this – you receive the coveted ranking of “Sharp Shooter!”  (Yes, the pun WAS intended).  And you have a nice picture to remember your date by.

Some pro shops even offer shooting ranges, so be sure to take your quarters to enjoy some real hunting.  Or if they don’t, they usually have some cool gumball machines.

All in all we think this would be a fun night to spend together.  The best part is you get to take the real catch home with you!  😉

So, do you think this sounds like a fun night out to you?  Can you think of some exciting twists to add to the hunt?  Join the conversation…

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