Making Vacations Memorably Romantic I

Fun in the Sun

Pack an “out of the ordinary” picnic lunch to enjoy outdoors.  If you’re the sandwich type, why not go for cold fried chicken.  If you’re the chicken type, why not make some gourmet sandwiches.  Skip the easy road and put a little thought into your special meal. Include a table cloth, romantic music, a center piece like flowers or sea shells and your favorite appetizer and drinks to enjoy while waiting to eat the main meal.  Relax, take your time, this is your day to have some fun in the sun!

Here are some more ideas to make this vacation memorably romantic:

  • Take a long walk together on the beach holding hands looking for sea shells.
  • Write a special love note in the sand.
  • Play Frisbee or beach volleyball together.
  • Play cards or a board game on a blanket in the sand.
  • Build a Sandcastle together.  Surprise your spouse by buying all the special tools to make a really sophisticated sand castle.  Don’t forget your camera for this one!
  • Plan ahead and plant a message in a bottle on the beach.  Let this be the first clue leading to a special buried treasure.  To make this happen, tell your spouse you need to work on a special project.  Give them a good book, some snacks and say you’ll be back in a while.  Sometimes the anticipation is just as romantic as the event itself.
  • Learn to surf or practice bodysurfing together.
  • Go para-sailing.
  • Fly a kite on the beach.
  • Rent a kayak for two or go bicycling together.
  • Go to the beach at night to look for shooting stars.  Do it on a full moon for even more romance.  All you need is a blanket and towels in case you go swimming in the dark.
  • If you’re away at the beach with the kids and time alone just isn’t to be found…try taking a shower together after the kiddos are asleep.  You may end up taking a shower every night!  Plan ahead and buy your spouse a romantic shower rendezvous kit complete with loofah, fragrant shower gel, massage oil, candles, and chocolates. Use soap markers to write love notes on the mirror and shower walls to each other.  Have some good “clean” fun together!

How about you?  Do you have a special way to make Fun in the Sun memorably romantic?  Share them with us by leaving a comment.  We all need inspiration to make vacations more romantic.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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4 Responses to Making Vacations Memorably Romantic I

  1. Thanks for the tips, Debi. We’re doing a mountain vacation in a few weeks, but I’m sure I can incorporate some of your ideas to that setting.


  2. Pat Altvater says:

    Our beach is Lake Michigan – you can’t see the other side, so it could be the ocean! We love to hike up to the top of a huge sand dune, find the perfect spot, open our wine, share some cheese and watch the sunset. It tops off a perfect day of hanging out at the beach, shopping in our favorite galleries and eating!!


    • Debi Walter says:

      Sounds wonderfully romantic, Pat. I would love to see the sunset on Lake Michigan someday!


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