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Steven Curtis Chapman

Today as I was driving I heard a new song by Steven Curtis Chapman titled, Do Everything.  It has an upbeat tempo, but it’s the words that make this song so powerful.  The reason we do the things we do is for one reason – to glorify God.  He is the One who matters most.  He receives glory when we purpose to live our lives and love our spouse as His Word instructs.  It’s an impossible task left to ourselves, but He hasn’t left us alone.  He commands us, He empowers us and He enables us to life our lives in this way.

It is all for Him.

Take a moment to listen to it – we believe you’ll be humming it all day.  And better yet, maybe it will help you remember throughout the day why you do the things you do!

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  1. Sharon O says:

    He is so cool, I met him once and he was the gentlest man. When our daughter was 14 her best friend was also that age and fighting leukemia (diagnosed at age 2). She had been in remission and was out of it this time when when the concert came to town and she really wanted to meet him. He took her back stage and she got special seating and it was a girls dream. I will never forget the look on her face and it has been years since she has been gone. thanks for sharing this.


  2. Lisa says:

    I heard this song played live at Women of Faith & was a puddly mess of tears. A friend dragged me to this event after I just found out I was pregnant (unexpectedly) & not able to go on the Burkina Faso, Africa mission trip my husband & I had sold all things baby to raise the nearly $6,000 it would cost us to go. We had seen God move miraculously to make this trip possible so when I was unable to go I was all things angry, sad, bitter, hurt. My husband worked for our church & we were definitely not raking in the dough & feeding 3 little mouths already. I thought 4 kids would be the end of me. After Steven Curtis Chapman spoke about the tragedy his family faced and faces every day, he played this. After that song played my attitude & relationship with Christ did a 180. I still can’t listen to it without tears! It’s funny you posted this as i drafted a post this weekend with this song as the culminating point!


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